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We urgently need families for older children (8-15 years old), especially girls who are healthy or have minor special needs. CARA, the adoption authority in India, recently featured over 120 children with this profile who are waiting for permanent families. We also need families for children of all ages who have mild-to-moderate special needs such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, Hepatitis B, HIV, cleft lip/palate, heart conditions and other correctable medical conditions. CARA featured over 350 of these children. Read More

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Could you be the perfect family for Sebastian?

Sebastian* is a sweet 18-month-old who is in need of a loving and attentive family! He smiles readily and loves to be carried and held, especially by his favorite caretaker. When he meets new people he is very curious and likes to watch them intently. He is small for his age, but is known to be a very happy and content boy who enjoys exploring his environment or playing beside other children.

In his short life, Sebastian has had some big challenges to face and overcome. When he was born, he was hospitalized for a few weeks due to a respiratory tract infection. In May 2016, he received an abdomen and pelvis sonogram that reported a storage liver disease, Glycogen Storage Disorder. He is currently receiving a specialized diet for treatment. Sebastian is also diagnosed with partial hearing loss in his left ear and severe hearing loss in his right ear due to numerous infections. An ENT specialist reports that both eardrums are normal and suggests a hearing aid trial along with speech and language therapy. He has some developmental delays, but he responds well when talked to and says a few words like “baba” and “dada.”

Sebastian needs an adoptive family that has access to excellent medical resources, is open to the unknowns of his developmental progress, and can provide a loving and secure home for him.

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DOB: 9/24/2015 | South Asia

A year and half ago, when we first met Jin at an orphanage in northern China, no one had much hope for him.

But that’s not what we saw… 

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Through Holt’s child sponsorship program, dedicated sponsors create pathways for orphaned and vulnerable children to escape poverty and chase their dreams — an especially rare opportunity for children living in caves in northern China.

China child sponsorship — Pei

If 15-year-old Pei ever hopes to escape the poverty and stigma associated with living in a cave, she will need to stay in school as long as possible.

Only the poorest families still live in caves.

Some families use the dusty, mountainside rooms as animal pens to protect their sheep or goats from the freezing winter cold. Others store grain or farm equipment in their cave, and live nearby in a more modern brick or concrete home.

Until she was 4 years old, Huan Yu Pei had never lived in a cave. She didn’t face the stigma cave families feel as the bottom of society. She never felt the draft from the makeshift door.

In the cave-dwelling community where she grew up in China’s Shaanxi province, Pei’s family was considered middle class.

Her father worked in a factory and her mother cared for the house. Pei’s grandfather spent his days harvesting their large plot of land, where they grow sweet apples. Their life was comfortable.

Then, in 2006, Pei’s father was in a motorcycle accident on his way to the printer manufacturing company where he worked as a machine operator. His leg was badly mangled and broken. In this rural, underdeveloped region of northwest China, there were few hospitals and none that Pei’s father could afford without health insurance. The injury never fully healed, and Pei’s father needed crutches to move. He lost his job, and the family fell into poverty and debt.

China child sponsorship — Pei's life.

A view of several cave homes in Ruicheng, an agricultural region about 450 miles from Beijing, China.

Soon after they moved into the cave where they still live today, Pei’s mother vanished. Read More

In Cambodia, palm trees are used in all kinds of ways. The tall stalks act as landmarks, designating a family’s home and property. Its fruit is used to make delicious “fish amok” — a traditional Khmer dish featuring rich, creamy coconut curry. And when you pull apart the different strands of the palm leaf, you can bend and twist it upon itself to create the traditional craft of a rather lifelike locust.

Cambodians use palm trees for all kinds of good things.

But when palm leaves are used to thatch a family’s roof? This isn’t so good. Read More