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ye-1-headerProviding the highest quality care to children with special needs is one of the foundations of our work at Holt.

And as we approach year-end, this life-changing, and often lifesaving, care for children with special needs is on my top priority list.


We support this cause through the Molly Holt Fund, a fund inspired by and named for a woman who has dedicated her life to caring for children with special needs — our founders’ daughter Molly.

Whether for a child who is living with their family or a child who is waiting to come home, whether for a child with HIV, cerebral palsy or other special medical or developmental need, Molly believes that each and every child deserves the medical care, therapy and resources they need to grow healthy and strong.

For these children, specialized care is urgent and so critical. Often, with the right treatment, children with special needs are able to rejoin their birth family or join a family through adoption.


As this year comes to a close, will you support children with special needs through the Molly Holt Fund? Your gift will make such a transformative difference in their lives.

Thank you!

Phil Littleton
President & CEO


nguyen-huynh-minh-duc-oct-11-2016Dustin is a friendly and energetic boy who has been in care since he was three weeks old. He is currently in the 1st grade and is reportedly learning well. He can write letters and numbers and enjoys counting. He is said to have mild cognitive delays and a lisp, but is otherwise healthy!

Dustin is good at making friends and is even personable around strangers. He does have a core of good friends, though, and is especially close to one particular caregiver. Some of his favorite things to do are watching children’s TV shows, listening to music, playing sports and playing hide-and-seek.

Some day when he grows up, Dustin wants to be a police officer because he wants to help and protect others. But for now, he needs the protection and stability that only a family can provide.

Dustin needs a family with access to educational and medical resources that will help him thrive and that understands the challenges that can come with adopting an older child. His family should also be willing and eager to seek him when he hides!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Dustin? To learn more about Dustin, please contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org.

Date of Birth 03/25/10 | Vietnam


Life can be challenging, and when things come up that we think are too hard, we tend to give up. The easy way out is very appealing to most of us.

But Malachi is not most of us. Read More


As the end of the year approaches, I have four top priorities. One of them is to provide food for children most at risk of malnutrition in China.

Thankfully, so far in 2016, your support has helped to provide loving, temporary care to orphaned and abandoned children waiting for adoptive families — more than 300 of whom are already matched with families.

But there are still many orphaned and abandoned children who need help to rejoin their birth families or join a family through adoption — and they remain the most at risk to malnutrition.

Not addressing malnutrition in a child can cause long-term disabilities. It can cause developmental delays, growth stunting, wasting, low immunity and frequent illnesses and infections.


That’s why reaching malnourished children in orphanages is one of my top priorities — and why we need your critical year-end support!

Orphaned children coming into care need support NOW, and reaching these children in China with nutritious food and other essentials will require an urgent, generous response from Holt’s family of faithful supporters like you!

Before the year comes to a close — better yet, today! — please give a gift that will bring critical nutrition to vulnerable children in China.

Thank you!





p1b2n85snlp061h3nmd81t3i1tf83Six-year-old Aynalem was adopted from Ethiopia five years ago. One way she and her family stay connected with her birth culture is by sponsoring a child in Ethiopia — a girl named Degefech! This year, in her family’s Christmas card to Degefech, Aynalem — with some typing help from her parents — included a special note just from her.

Hello Degefech, my name is Aynalem. I am 6 years old and I live in Oregon, USA. I am in first grade, in elementary (your primary) school. I play soccer (your football) on a team called Fútbol Club Portland. I like to dance and sing, and I really like to draw. Read More