When Howie’s foster family plays with him, you can see his face light up into a big grin. He likes to laugh and his giggle can be contagious. He needs a permanent family of his own to play and giggle with. Howie is learning lots of new things, like how to walk, with a, Read More

When Frankie* grows up, he wants to be a superhero. For now he just practices by pretending with his friends. But someday, he will be saving people from the bad guys and defending the world from evil. Like many superheroes, Frankie has some obstacles that he is working to overcome — obstacles that may, Read More

Dustin is a friendly and energetic boy who has been in care since he was three weeks old. He is currently in the 1st grade and is reportedly learning well. He can write letters and numbers and enjoys counting. He is said to have mild cognitive delays and a lisp, but is otherwise healthy!, Read More

Life can be challenging, and when things come up that we think are too hard, we tend to give up. The easy way out is very appealing to most of us. But Malachi is not most of us.

You are probably wondering why we posted this GIF. Well, while we would love to show an actual video of Vaughn and Sarah dancing, the adoption authority in their birth country doesn’t allow us to share their pictures or videos online. But they do love to dance, and we have many photos and videos, Read More

Troy has a love for life. His caretakers say he is extroverted and easy to talk to, humble and polite, and he pays attention to others and how they are doing. Someday he hopes that he can have a family of his own, but until then he is making friends at the orphanage.

Jaylenn is a fun-loving boy who needs a family of his own that he can play games with and be silly around. Whether he is a T-Rex chasing down other dinosaurs or driving around the city in his toy car (see video), Jaylenn likes to use his imagination to make life more interesting. During, Read More

At the beginning of November, to kick off National Adoption Month, we shared a collage of all the children on our waiting child photolisting — just a small glimpse of the hundreds of children who we are seeking families for at any given time. We hoped it would kindle a passion in our supporters, Read More

Alex and Luke are two friends who are rapidly approaching their age-out date, and will soon loose their chance to have a family. Help us find a family for each boy that can provide the love and stability that they need!   In three short months, Alex will become ineligible for international adoption, so, Read More

When families first start looking into adoption, often the question comes up, “Do we have what it takes?” This is an important question, no doubt, and whether a family is up to the task of caring for an adopted child is always a question that must be carefully considered — by both our staff,, Read More