In October of this year, Jordan Love traveled to Korea as part of the Happy Together tour for adoptees with special needs. This was his second time traveling on the Happy Together tour. And this time, he brought back with him some fresh insight about the experience, including a deeper understanding of why it’s so, Read More

For most of her life, Holt adoptee Molly Martin viewed her adoption as something that just “happened.”  But after traveling to Thailand to meet her birth mom, she developed a completely different outlook — and a deeper understanding of how loved she truly is. Molly’s story was a finalist in Holt’s 2016 adoptee essay contest. , Read More

This photo shows the sign on the side of the highway listing “Campina Grande” that we — me, my mother and our three family friends — saw as we drove to meet my birth family. This was the sign that literally pointed us in the direction of our most unbelievable, loving and fulfilling adoption, Read More

Adoptees growing up in a transracial adoptive family rarely have the option of keeping their adoption private. But for some adoptive families — domestic and even international — others don’t always see adoption. Below, Brazilian adoptee Carmen Hinckley shares her experience of growing up the daughter of a single mother who shares her same race,, Read More

Growing up in China, Qiulan Henderson wondered if she maybe wasn’t beautiful or smart enough to be adopted. She wondered if she would ever feel trust or love, or ever believe in herself. But when a family in Oregon saw the beautiful soul inside 10-year-old Qiulan, and welcomed her into their home, she began to learn the, Read More

When most people think of adoption, they picture children. But adoption is a lifelong experience. And just like everybody else, adoptees grow up too. In our focus to serve children and families, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that being adopted doesn’t stop at age 18. Adoptees grow up. They become husbands, Read More

How an old photo triggered memories and better communication. When I was a kid, fishing was the preferred family pastime of the Kalb household. It led us to regular summer excursions to the Mississippi river, Lake Volga, and a small fishing hole outside of Maynard (which I’m convinced is real, but can’t find on, Read More

Before traveling to Thailand, Molly Martin sat down to complete a difficult task — choosing the photos from her life that she would share with one very important woman, her birth mother.  After my first semester of college, I came home for Christmas break and sat on the floor of my bedroom among hundreds of photos., Read More

Holt adoptee and camp counselor Leah Ferriby shares the story behind this photo from Holt Camp 2016.  Holt Camp is an interwoven community threaded with commonality, strength and resilience. The picture above represents a moment when I finally understood the power of community. I attended camp for nine years and had the amazing experience, Read More

Holt adoptee Duncan Atwood reflects on what this photo from the annual Holt Family Campout in Oregon means to him, and why he feels a responsibility to the next generation of adoptees. Whenever I look at this picture, or any picture from Holt Family Campout, I see lots of things. I see happiness. I see smiles. I see, Read More