Hayden and Her Family

Hayden and her family

HAYDEN AND HER FAMILY is a documentary film that tells the story of the extraordinary Curry family — a family of 14 built through both biological and adoption bonds. The documentary follows Elizabeth and Judd Curry as they nurture their seven biological children and five adopted children from China and Vietnam. With a full house and a number of special needs to attend to, we watch as the Currys navigate the complexities of creating a diverse family, the challenges of integrating new members into the fold, and the rewards of embracing the humanity in all children. The Currys don’t think they’re special, however. As Judd Curry points out, “One of the assumptions is that you have to be special and different and noble to adopt. Well, no, you don’t.” Continue reading “Hayden and Her Family”

The Road that Led to My Son – Haiti Adoption Story

Haiti Adoption Story

When we lived in our old house, there was a road I took daily that I would jokingly say should have been named after me. I said this because of the frequency of my vehicle on this particular road. I used it to take my kids to school, there and back in the morning. Then again, there and back midmorning for the preschool pickup and there and back again at the afternoon pickup for my oldest. Six times a day, my dirty black suburban could be seen on this winding road!! It was exhausting and I started to hate that road with a passion. The road itself was beautiful with its trees and its curves, but it was annoyingly predictable. Continue reading “The Road that Led to My Son – Haiti Adoption Story”

Adoption is changing, but kids are still waiting for Families!

We know there have been a lot of changes in adoption recently.

Country programs are changing their eligibility requirements, the profile of children coming home is changing and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and give up.

One thing that isn’t changing, though, is the need. There are still so many kids who have been deprived of the love and protection that only a permanent family can provide. Each child is waiting for a family, and our mission is to find loving parents for those children.

Could you be the family that a child is waiting for?

If you are just in the beginning stages of adoption and aren’t sure what to do next — or if you are ready to move forward — talk to our adoption advisor, Caitlin Howe! She can give you free information with no strings attached — helping you learn more about adoption or guiding you through the first steps of the process.

Contact Caitlin! Continue reading “Adoption is changing, but kids are still waiting for Families!”