Could it be Declan’s Turn?


Declan Needs a Family!

Declan Needs a Family!

Declan is a healthy little guy with Down syndrome who came into care when he was about one month old. Energetic and outgoing, Declan will seek out others to play with and he is especially good friends with Carter and Elijah, two other waiting children in his care center. They all like to play together!

However, Carter and Elijah have been matched and will soon be leaving the care center to be adopted! While we are very excited for them, that leaves Declan still waiting for a family!

Declan is also very curious, and likes to explore. At present, his preferred method to get around is to crawl and he is very fast! But he is also now learning how to walk, and can take steps with the help of a caregiver. One of his favorite ways to entertain himself is to throw a toy as far as he can and then chase after it.

Declan is learning how to communicate and can say “mama” and respond to his name. One of his favorite things to do is imitate others and he is very quick to smile. One of our social workers said that she was naturally drawn to him because of his consistently happy demeanor and contagious laugh.

The perfect family for Declan would have the resources he needs to continue developing, an understanding of Down syndrome and its intricacies, and the desire and ability to have fun and laugh along with him.

Declan Needs a Family! Adopt declan through Holt International!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Declan? For more information about this sweet little boy, you can check out his photolisting profile and contact Jessica Zeeb at

DOB: 11/6/2014 | China


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