Seth Needs a Family!

Seth Needs a Family!

Could you be the perfect family for Seth?

Seth* is a sweet 16-month-old little boy who was born full term at 38 weeks, weighing 6.7lbs. He enjoys taking baths, being held and carried, and breaks into a huge grin when playing. He currently lives with a foster family that provides him with the nurturing, attentive care he needs to achieve critical developmental milestones. Seth is learning lots of new things in the care of his foster parents, including his most recent achievement — learning to walk! He likes to smile spontaneously, and will often laugh and coo.

Seth Needs a Family!Seth had some prenatal alcohol and tobacco exposure, and is being observed for subclinical lower muscle tone and mild developmental delays. At the beginning of this year he was assessed to be about 7 months developmentally, but he has improved through physical therapy for his motor development. In his most recent well baby check-up, he was assessed to be 10-16 months developmentally (16 months in gross motor skills, 14 months in fine motor and personal-social skills and 10 months in language skills).

Seth needs a family that is open to his developmental unknowns and that has access to excellent medical resources. But most of all, he needs a family that is ready to love him and give him the care and attention that he needs!

Could you, or someone you know, be Seth’s permanent, loving family? Contact Caitlin Howe at for more information about Seth and the eligibility requirements for adopting him. 

Date of Birth 3/5/16 | NE Asia

* name changed


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