Who Is Holt International? Welcome, Capgemini!

Who is Holt International?

Welcome, Capgemini employees! We are excited to partner with you on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children. First, let us introduce ourselves.

We seek a world where every child has the support and resources to reach their full potential — a world where every child has a loving and secure home. Around the world, we work toward our vision by providing individualized, child-focused services in three main program areas:

Family Strengthening

We believe that children should grow up in the loving care of their families. That’s why our first priority is always to strengthen and preserve struggling families, whenever possible. Through nutritional, financial, health, education and counseling services, we provide the tools and resources families need to grow stable and self-reliant — addressing the root causes of child abandonment, and creating a safe, supportive environment for children to grow and thrive.

Orphan and Vulnerable Children Care

Through our global network of on-the-ground experts and partnerships, we ensure that children who have been orphaned, abandoned or separated from their families receive the highest quality care while we work to reunite them with their families or unite them with a loving adoptive family. We do this through a holistic program of medical, nutritional, educational and psychosocial services tailored to fit their individual needs and carried out in a nurturing environment.

Adoption Services

When adoption is the best option for a child, we first strive to find a domestic adoptive family in the country of the child’s birth. When international adoption is the best route to a stable, loving family, our expert team of adoption professionals works across the U.S. to find the family best suited to care for each child’s unique needs. And through pre- and post-adoption support and resources, we work to ensure lifelong success for both children and their families.

Urgent: Josh Needs a Family!

Josh Needs a family! Learn more about adoption of children with HIV from Holtinternational.
Josh* is a multi-talented 13-year-old who needs a family soon!

Next January, Josh will age out of the adoption process, and his chance at a permanent family will be gone. He is a special boy who is described as active and bright by his caretakers. He loves to create things and can often be found drawing after school. Josh is also passionate about gardening and likes to plant vegetables and flowers. Soon he hopes to plant some roses!

Not only is Josh creative, his best subject in school is math and he is at the top of his class — scoring over 90% on his math assignments. Continue reading “Urgent: Josh Needs a Family!”

Sebastian Needs a Family!

We have many great photos of this cutie on file! Request more information to view photos of Sebastian.
Could you be the perfect family for Sebastian?

Sebastian* is a sweet 18-month-old who is in need of a loving and attentive family! He smiles readily and loves to be carried and held, especially by his favorite caretaker. When he meets new people he is very curious and likes to watch them intently. He is small for his age, but is known to be a very happy and content boy who enjoys exploring his environment or playing beside other children.

In his short life, Sebastian has had some big challenges to face and overcome. When he was born, he was hospitalized for a few weeks due to a respiratory tract infection. In May 2016, he received an abdomen and pelvis sonogram that reported a storage liver disease, Glycogen Storage Disorder. He is currently receiving a specialized diet for treatment. Sebastian is also diagnosed with partial hearing loss in his left ear and severe hearing loss in his right ear due to numerous infections. An ENT specialist reports that both eardrums are normal and suggests a hearing aid trial along with speech and language therapy. He has some developmental delays, but he responds well when talked to and says a few words like “baba” and “dada.”

Sebastian needs an adoptive family that has access to excellent medical resources, is open to the unknowns of his developmental progress, and can provide a loving and secure home for him.

Could you or someone you know be the perfect family for Sebastian? To see photos and learn more about Sebastian, please contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org.

DOB: 9/24/2015 | South Asia

Life Inside the Caves of Northern China

Through Holt’s child sponsorship program, dedicated sponsors create pathways for orphaned and vulnerable children to escape poverty and chase their dreams — an especially rare opportunity for children living in caves in northern China.

China child sponsorship — Pei
If 15-year-old Pei ever hopes to escape the poverty and stigma associated with living in a cave, she will need to stay in school as long as possible.

Only the poorest families still live in caves.

Some families use the dusty, mountainside rooms as animal pens to protect their sheep or goats from the freezing winter cold. Others store grain or farm equipment in their cave, and live nearby in a more modern brick or concrete home.

Until she was 4 years old, Huan Yu Pei had never lived in a cave. She didn’t face the stigma cave families feel as the bottom of society. She never felt the draft from the makeshift door.

In the cave-dwelling community where she grew up in China’s Shaanxi province, Pei’s family was considered middle class.

Her father worked in a factory and her mother cared for the house. Pei’s grandfather spent his days harvesting their large plot of land, where they grow sweet apples. Their life was comfortable.

Then, in 2006, Pei’s father was in a motorcycle accident on his way to the printer manufacturing company where he worked as a machine operator. His leg was badly mangled and broken. In this rural, underdeveloped region of northwest China, there were few hospitals and none that Pei’s father could afford without health insurance. The injury never fully healed, and Pei’s father needed crutches to move. He lost his job, and the family fell into poverty and debt.

China child sponsorship — Pei's life.
A view of several cave homes in Ruicheng, an agricultural region about 450 miles from Beijing, China.

Soon after they moved into the cave where they still live today, Pei’s mother vanished. Continue reading “Life Inside the Caves of Northern China”

Holt Cambodia Repairs Roofs for 18 At-Risk Families

In Cambodia, palm trees are used in all kinds of ways. The tall stalks act as landmarks, designating a family’s home and property. Its fruit is used to make delicious “fish amok” — a traditional Khmer dish featuring rich, creamy coconut curry. And when you pull apart the different strands of the palm leaf, you can bend and twist it upon itself to create the traditional craft of a rather lifelike locust.

Cambodians use palm trees for all kinds of good things.

But when palm leaves are used to thatch a family’s roof? This isn’t so good. Continue reading “Holt Cambodia Repairs Roofs for 18 At-Risk Families”

Facing the Foster Care Crisis

The Crisis

A crisis is happening in Oregon. It’s a crisis that you probably won’t hear on the news. A crisis you may not even know about. A crisis that’s affecting children in your local community — children who attend your kids’ schools and live around your block.

Children in Oregon’s foster care system — and in foster care systems around the U.S. — are in desperate need of permanent, loving families.

Holt’s headquarters are in Eugene, Oregon, and when we learned about the foster care crisis happening right here in our home state, we knew we had to step up our efforts to advocate for these children — just as we have advocated for children around the world for over 60 years. Whether in Ethiopia, India, China or Oregon, there is no greater tragedy than a child losing their family. Our mission is to find permanent, loving families for children who truly need them.

Continue reading “Facing the Foster Care Crisis”

A Merry Christmas Thanks to Holt Sponsors

Since 2004, Holt child sponsors and donors have generously given a little extra during the holiday season to help children around the world receive extra special Christmas celebrations and gifts.

Because of those contributions, children enjoy a happy, healthy and warm holiday season, filled with nutritious food, special presents and celebrations with friends, family and caregivers. We recently received reports from our 2016 holiday celebrations around the world!

Last December, in Vietnam, 620 children received new clothes and ate a special meal. They cheered loudly when they saw the food set up for them, and enjoyed a special day of dancing and singing.

Special holiday performances for children and staff at a care center in Vietnam.
Sponsor-supported children in Vietnam show off their Christmas gifts.

Holt-Vietnam staff says:  “On behalf of the children, we would like to send our deep gratitude to Holt sponsors for your generous support, and invaluable gift to the kids to have a cheerful traditional holiday.”
Continue reading “A Merry Christmas Thanks to Holt Sponsors”

They Had Little. They Gave to Those With Less.

When children at an orphanage in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia learned about other children growing up in the city’s largest garbage dump, they felt more than compassion. They felt moved to act. 

Parents, you’ve probably been there.

You enter your child’s room and look down at what was once only carpet. Now, piled before you, are action figures, Barbie dolls, pieces from five different board games, dress-up clothes and school clothes, and about a million Legos.

After trying to decipher which toy piece goes with which toy, and inevitably stepping on a Lego or two in the process (ouch!), you decide that it’s time for some major spring-cleaning.

And, hopefully, a lesson in generosity to go with it.

You bring your preschooler into his or her room, and gently tell them that it’s time to pick out some toys and clothes to donate, maybe to a daycare, or a secondhand store, or a homeless shelter — for kids and families who need a little extra help.

Now, the question to your child: “What would you like to give away?”

The answer: Give away? Nothing … these are my toys and clothes.

Suddenly, that toy that hasn’t been played with in almost a year is now your child’s favorite toy, and he just can’t bring himself to part with that two-sizes-too-small T-shirt. This might be a tough process, but, hopefully, if it becomes a common practice, your youngster will begin to understand the significance of giving back, of not living in excess, and of how it feels to make someone’s day — and possibly life — a little brighter.

Still, it can be a hard sell asking a 3-year-old to give up his toys for the first time in his life. Generosity doesn’t always come easily.

But for a group of children at the Big Family Institute in Mongolia, it does come easily. Perhaps because life hasn’t. Continue reading “They Had Little. They Gave to Those With Less.”

Carter Needs a Family!

Carter needs a family! Learn more about adoption from Holt International.

Can you be the perfect family for Carter?

Carter* is an adorable almost-2-year-old who came into orphanage care when he was about 5 days old. He is a sweet little guy who gets along with the other children, smiles often and loves listening to music.

He is learning all kinds of new things like how to say “ma,” how to crawl around and how to stand with little support. These are some big accomplishments for Carter because he has cerebral palsy and mild anemia. His muscle tension is high in his legs, but normal in his arms. His caregivers are very impressed by the progress that he has been making recently!

Carter needs a family that can provide the medical care that will help him develop and reach his full potential!

Could you or someone you know be Carter’s permanent family? To learn more about Carter, take a look at his photolisting profile or contact Jessica Zeeb at jessicaz@holtinternational.org!

DOB: 5/25/2015 | China

*name changed