Our journey to the family you see today was one that was filled with many ups and downs, but one that was well worth the wait.  My husband was adopted from Vietnam when he was eight months old and so for him, international adoption was always something close to his heart.  Then after trying for many years, Read More

Even 10 years ago, children living in orphanage care in China with treatable conditions like thalassemia were considered so difficult to place with adoptive families, many caregivers wouldn’t try to find families for these children — nor secure the medical care they needed. Through advocacy and education efforts, international adoption is changing the face, Read More

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced numerous fee increases that will take effect on December 23, 2016. The fee to obtain a new Certificate of Citizenship (COC) will increase from $550 for a minor adoptee to $1,170. The fee to replace a lost COC or to change a name on an, Read More

Holt adoptive mom Holly Romero shares who she believes the real hero is in adoption. It’s National Adoption Month. And people always want to tell us how awesome we are for adopting. Like it’s some heroic feat that only the bravest can accomplish. Do you guys wanna know who the real hero is? It’s the, Read More

Holt adoptive mom Jennifer shares about how HIV isn’t a huge deal in their family — it is just one of the “scars” that God has taken and used to write a beautiful story for their perfectly-imperfect family.  You know those typical social media pictures? Pictures of supposedly perfect families, in perfect places, and looking perfectly, Read More

This photo shows the sign on the side of the highway listing “Campina Grande” that we — me, my mother and our three family friends — saw as we drove to meet my birth family. This was the sign that literally pointed us in the direction of our most unbelievable, loving and fulfilling adoption, Read More

When the Jackson family started the adoption process, they were expecting to add another little girl into their family. But things turned out quite differently than they expected — and because of it, they consider themselves so blessed.  When we started our adoption journey I had a picture in my head of what I thought our, Read More

                                                    See the picture in black and white? That’s Molly Holt, Harry and Bertha Holt’s daughter, in 1959, placing a baby in her adoptive mother’s arms after a long, Read More

At Holt-Sunny Ridge in Illinois, domestic open adoption brings birth parents, adoptive parents and their children together as a unique and beautiful family. This photo shows the significant moment of Killian’s birth mother and adoptive parents meeting for the first time — the beginning of a lifelong relationship centered around the love they all, Read More

Adoptees growing up in a transracial adoptive family rarely have the option of keeping their adoption private. But for some adoptive families — domestic and even international — others don’t always see adoption. Below, Brazilian adoptee Carmen Hinckley shares her experience of growing up the daughter of a single mother who shares her same race,, Read More