This summer, Holt adoptee Krista Gause will travel on the Holt Heritage Tour to Korea. Before her departure, she writes an honest and heartfelt letter to her birth mother, sharing about her life and grieving the fact that it is too late for them to meet.  Dear Mother, My name is Krista, and I’m, Read More

Have you viewed China’s online photolisting recently? Were you interested in learning more about a child, but the application fee stopped you from moving forward? Well, we have good news! Holt is now offering free applications for families who are seriously interested in a particular child on Holt’s China photolisting, but haven’t yet committed, Read More

An adoptive father shares about deciding to pursue older child adoption, his son Eric, and how adopting an older child may be right for you and your family.  Our 6-month old baby seems to be growing at a healthy rate. In the past 6 months, he’s grown about 5 centimeters. He has a healthy appetite and, Read More

On April 15, 2017, Suzanna will turn 14 years old. This day will be a significant fork in the road of her life. While most children expect a celebration on their birthday,  Suzanna’s 14th birthday marks something much more substantial. On that day, the door to adoption and a loving, permanent family will close, Read More

Nam Holtz is a Korean adoptee who began a formalized search for her birth family and culture more than five years ago. With the help of a friend and director, Nam documented her return to Korea and today is working to produce her film, Found in Korea, based on her experience. During her 21-day, Read More

As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to love and support a child living in a tough situation. Maybe your sponsored child is waiting in a care facility for a permanent, loving family. Maybe your sponsored child is in school and working to end the cycle of poverty for his or her family., Read More

Holt adoptive mom Anne Silas* has learned that even in the U.S., the stigma against HIV can be strong. And for that reason, Ann and her family are careful when sharing about their children’s condition. However, while it is not something they share openly, it is not a secret. It is not a reason, Read More

He was 6 years old. And he lived alone in a shack off the side of the road. His mother and father had both passed away, and his only living relative, an 84-year-old grandmother, was afraid to take him in. He was not welcome at school or by the local orphanage. When his story, Read More

Holt adoptive mom Kathy Rafferty shares why sending her kids to Holt Adoptee Camp is one of the best parenting decisions she has made.   Transformative is how I would describe our family’s experience of Holt Adoptee Camp.   But here’s the thing — at their current ages of 14 and 17, my kids would describe, Read More