Without a doubt, this is one of the most pervasive and dire of adoption myths. There are many theories behind the adoption doomsday scenarios — the most lovely and hopeful of which is the notion that children no longer need adoption to have a permanent, loving family. If this were true, our work would, Read More

Mark your calendar — Giving Tuesday is only five weeks away! Intended to celebrate the season of giving by putting charities in the spotlight, Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to tell your friends and family about Holt International. On December 1, we are raising money to support women and girls around the world, Read More

Last week, on October 15 and 16, Holt Children’s Services of Korea celebrated their 60th anniversary with an international conference and a gala dinner in Seoul. To acknowledge this important milestone, first generation Holt adoptees traveled to Korea to be a part of the historic event. The first wave of adoptees were also pioneers, Read More

In Cambodia, as more and more families migrate from rural villages in search of work, their children are placed at greater risk of exploitation and trafficking. Here, in one rural province, Holt is working to keep children safe in the care of their families and communities. A young girl — 13 years old —, Read More

With the love of her family and community — and a little Chinese chicken soup — adoptee Maya Price gains a confidence that shows in “her bounce, her risk-taking, and most especially, VERY especially, her laughter.” This post originally appeared on the Price family’s blog, “the littlest price.” I made chicken soup for my, Read More

It’s only October. So why are we blogging about Christmas? Because in order to create an incredible Christmas for every orphaned and vulnerable child we serve, we need you now. This year, let’s create something truly magical for children. Miraculous, even. So many of the children in Holt’s programs have experienced so much pain, Read More

After a chance encounter in a California coffee shop, Holt adoptee Nina Davis meets two girls who were adopted from the same care center in India where she lived before she joined her family. Here, she shares what this serendipitous meeting has taught her about adoption and family. When I was 2 and a half years old,, Read More

Fact or Fiction: All adopted children are orphans. Fact or Fiction: Only girls need families. Fact or Fiction: Everything you read online is true. The myths surrounding adoption — particularly international adoption — abound. They lurk in forums and blogs, on Facebook and Wikipedia. They show up in movies, which though fictional, have tremendous, Read More

We are delighted to share with you that the Holt-funded Mother and Child Health Center in Shinshicho, Ethiopia has opened its doors to patients and now, for the first time, more than 250,000 men, women and children have access to advanced healthcare.