What is Winter Jam? Winter Jam is a 10-band Christian concert tour that hits nearly 60 cities each year. It’s also one of Holt’s biggest opportunities to find and reach new child sponsors — people with a heart for the children Holt serves, willing to give $34 per month to change a child’s life., Read More

Holt’s social work manager for the China program, Marissa Leuallen, explains how Holt helped to develop China’s “one-to-one” program — unique agency-orphanage partnerships designed to find families for the many older children and children with special needs living in China’s social welfare system. Over the past decade, those of us who have worked in, Read More

Holt now offers classes in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), a parenting approach for adopted children — particularly those who have experienced early childhood trauma. Many people believe that if they love a child enough, the child will be able to let go of all their past abuse and neglect and settle into being a, Read More

Steve Kalb, Holt’s director of adoptee services, shares what drew him to lead Holt’s camp program — and what’s sustained his enthusiasm over the past 11 years.  During my freshman year at the University of Iowa in 1995, a friend of mine suggested we become camp counselors at one of the local United Methodist, Read More

In the following story, the Shardell family shares about their experience adopting a boy through China’s “Special Focus” program — a program for children with more involved special medical or developmental needs, many of whom we advocate for on the Holt photolisting. Before referring children to families, we do all that we can to, Read More

Through a community-based gardening program, Holt’s partner agency in Thailand provides vulnerable children and families an outlet for enhancing their self-esteem and providing for their community. Since 1998, Holt Sahathai Foundation, in an effort to strengthen families and help children thrive, has provided a community-based gardening program in the Tha Sala district of southern, Read More

  Dear Friend, Thousands of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in North Korea are in desperate need of our help simply to survive. Their situation is so critical that our partner orphanages are requesting our urgent help to rush food and lifesaving essentials to help these precious children who are at risk of severe, Read More

Holt adoptee Ling O’Donoghue shares about her experience on the 2015 Holt China Tour. Looking back on the Holt China tour, I feel that it went beyond all my expectations. I’ve been looking forward to this trip ever since I was little. It was a dream come true, allowing me to experience my culture,, Read More

Help Holt Find Families for Older Children in Beijing! How You Can Help — Join us in Beijing! Families often ask how they can help Holt advocate for vulnerable children, and we are thrilled to offer this unique approach. During the first week of November, Marissa Leuallen, Holt’s social work manager for China, will, Read More

They say history repeats itself. In many countries where Holt has programs, cultural norms and tradition have a strong influence over how parents raise their children. In more patriarchal societies, many parents choose to educate their sons — but keep their daughters home from classes. Or, largely due to poverty, they may feel forced, Read More