Phil Littleton, Holt’s president and CEO, recently returned from a trip to Vietnam. While on the trip, Phil visited a daycare center and orphanage we help support in Dong Nai and met with Holt-Vietnam staff and the deputy director of adoption to discuss our work in the country. Holt first served families and, Read More

Mahananda grew up the daughter of a single mother in the slums of Pune, India. Where she comes from, education was never a guarantee. Public school is not free in India, and for families living in poverty, the choice between food and school fees has always been a no-brainer. Still today, India has one, Read More

Update: As of February 2016, Tayla has a family! Congratulations Tayla! Born October 15, 2014, NE Asia   Ten-month-old Tayla’s photo has been on Holt’s waiting child photolisting for a month. “In that time, no one has inquired about adopting her,” a Holt staff member in the waiting child program says. We hope that, Read More

As sponsored children prepare to return to school this fall, we sent Holt sponsors some snail mail, asking them to join with us in prayer for their sponsored child’s health, safety and education. Already, thousands of prayer promise cards are pouring into our headquarters office in Oregon and filling our lobby with uplifting and, Read More

Holt expands our family strengthening work in Mongolia by funding an after-school program and library in an impoverished district of the country’s capital. In the Songin Khairhan district of Mongolia, one of the poorest in the country’s capital of Ulaanbaatar, sits a social services building, an office where families come to receive support and, Read More

In 2011, Holt adoptee and adoptive father Lawrence Vallandigham reflected on how his experience of growing up adopted might influence how he parents his son. Four years later, Lawrence, whose son is now 6, discusses how his perceptions have changed over time. Divining nature from nurture is a parent’s lifetime Gordian knot. Ask any parent, Read More

Holt’s clinical services director travels to Vietnam and the Philippines to teach social workers how to prepare older children for the transition to life in a family. You’re 9 years old. You live in Vietnam. You grew up surrounded by other children, none of them siblings. You have never known what it’s like to, Read More

The children of migrant families are some of the most vulnerable in India, and they are often excluded from schools and at risk of exploitation, trafficking and abuse. Recognizing the needs of this growing population, Holt’s partner in the region completely refocuses their efforts, using education as a transformative tool. Avni pulls her husband, Read More

We are now recruiting families for Holt’s first ever ambassador trip to China! The Children’s Home in Nanning provides care for children who were born with HIV, whose parents have passed away, and who face discrimination in their cities, towns and villages because of their status. Extended family are afraid to care for them,, Read More

Moved by the plight of one family in Vietnam, Holt board member Ken Matsuura and his wife, Diane, provide the resources needed to help them build a safer home. Early this year — in January — we joined a group of Holt board members for a 12-day trip to see the work of Holt, Read More