Earlier this week, we shared our top ten stories from the Holt blog in 2014. Here, we share our top ten most-viewed stories from Holt International Magazine. Some of these stories also appeared in the two print issues we produced this year — our spring sponsor issue and summer graduate issue. Others appeared in, Read More

To sum up 2014 at Holt International in one word — family. It makes sense. That’s what we are all about at Holt International — the firm belief that every child deserves to grow up with the love, support and security of a family. This is a belief that brings people — and families —, Read More

Through Holt’s independent living and educational assistance program, one boy graduates college and returns to work for Holt’s partner organization in the Philippines — serving children and families at risk of separation. When police found Marlon wandering the streets, he was only 5 — old enough to tell the police his first name, and to, Read More

Holt adoptee Olivia Carnaté defines her identity — not by her physical attributes, but by the journey she has taken in life. If you meet me in person, you will see I am about 5’3”. I have long dark brown hair with curls that don’t need hairspray. I have stick straight eyelashes, full lips, Read More

At the 2014 Holt Gala and Auction in Portland, Oregon, Holt adoptive mom Andrea stood to speak. She told her story of bringing home her daughter Rini from China — a little girl with severe congenital heart disease — and the struggle to save her life. Here, Andrea again shares the story that captivated, Read More

Despite significant changes in our adoption and sponsorship programs over the past year, we look forward to a year full of possibility for continuing our mission of ensuring stable, loving homes for children in Haiti. At a small orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, tree limbs spread across one wall, branching in every direction. Falling from, Read More

UPDATE: As of March 2015, Cora has a family! Born September 18, 2001 December is a month filled with letters — letters to Santa, writing letters to loved ones, and receiving letters from good friends. At Holt, we receive many Christmas letters and cards from adoptive families and adoptees, and we love reading each, Read More

Last month, about 5 million people in the Chinese province of Guangxi  and the local government of Liuzhou honored Holt China with a major award that praises Holt’s work and mission to serve orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. Thousands of citizens voted online for the recipient of the “Most Caring Community/Team” award, which was, Read More

The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) has announced changes to the China adoption process and eligibility requirements for families adopting from China.  These changes relax some of the previous requirements related to age restriction, marital status and health issues, among others.  They will also be updating and making major changes to, Read More