Bob Bowen, Holt’s vice president of marketing and donor relations, is currently traveling back from a trip to South Korea and Vietnam.  While in Seoul, Bob and other Holt International staff members visited Molly Holt at the Ilsan Center.  His first trip to the country where Holt’s history began, Bob came away with a, Read More

Every year, nearly 10.9 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes — nearly 60 percent are from malnutrition. Malnutrition and hunger-related disease takes more lives than tuberculosis, AIDs and malaria combined. In orphanage care, nearly 85 percent of children have significant nutrition and health-related problems. Even for children who survive, Read More

In Holt’s nearly 60-year history, we’ve had the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of thousand of children and families. Historically, most of these children were adopted into loving families — and from that history came Holt’s legacy as an adoption agency. While this is totally true, many people are surprised to learn that, Read More

Earlier this month, the Chinese government invited Holt to participate in a new Journey of Hope project, which has expanded for the first time to the Guangxi province. Journey of Hope is a special adoption home-finding program in China that aims to find families for children who have been looked over, typically due to, Read More

The hospital is really taking form! Check out the progress to the surgical wings, patient wards and outside appearance of the building. When this hospital opens in summer 2014, more than 250,000 people will have access to advanced healthcare for the first time!   At the end of March, more than two tons of, Read More

Mae, Jake and Noah — Date of Birth:  11/00, 06/02, 11/04 *In accordance with child safety laws in the Philippines, we can only show pictures of Mae, Jake and Noah with other children.  For more information about this sibling group, contact Jessica Palmer at This beautiful sibling group of three is waiting for, Read More

The Wagner family shares an update on their son, Teagan, who they adopted from Ethiopia in 2012. We featured Teagan in the summer 2010 issue of Holt International Magazine, and again in our enews.

In the spring issue of Holt International Magazine, staff writer Billie Loewen wrote an article about the unwed mothers’ shelters Holt supports in South Korea. Over the past few days, I had the opportunity to meet a couple of the women who stayed at one of these shelters and who ultimately chose to parent, Read More

As all new and veteran parents know, children don’t come with rulebooks. There is no universal guide for parents — only tips, techniques and advice passed down through generations or published based on new science or shared experiences. The Internet brought a new trove of parenting information — blogs and support forums, stories and, Read More

Kanya Sesser, a 21-year-old Holt adoptee from Thailand, skateboards, skis, races, models and surfs. She’s also a college student studying fashion marketing, and she hopes to join the Billabong surf team soon. Born without legs, Kanya has become an inspiration to friends and fans around the world with her motto “No legs, no limits.”