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You know you’ve been called to be an adoptive parent. You know a child is out there waiting for you. Now, you just have to find that child. There are so many choices — which country, which child profile, even which agency.

Maybe you’ve looked at waiting child photolistings and scrolled past the beautiful faces of boys and girls who long for a family to call their own. Maybe a few photos have stood out to you, or maybe you are still waiting for the photo that does.

Roann Kieft, 3, with her brother Zechariah, 8. Roann was born in the Philippines, then placed with a loving, adoptive family. She lives in Illinois.

In the Philippines, waiting children — especially those who are a little older or have more involved special needs — are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to finding a home. In order to respect the privacy of children, we are not allowed to share photos of children on our website, and so these children tend to wait longer for families. Holt places children aged 2-3 through our standard Philippines program, which is currently open and now accepting new applicants. However, the majority of children who need homes from the Philippines are older or have more involved special needs. If you’re considering adopting an older child or a child with special needs, we encourage you to apply to our Philippines special home-finding program — where the time frame to bring a child home is short, the travel is simple, and rather than apply with a specific child in mind, we help match you with the child who is right for your family. We send photos and profiles of the waiting children to all the families in our Philippines program as soon as we receive a new release list.

The Philippines adoption program is a great for many reasons. First, Philippines adoption is stable and predictable, and Holt’s history in the Philippines is longstanding. Our special home-finding program works with the same excellent partner, Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF), as the standard program — meaning that KBF will be there to help coordinate your adoption process before and during travel. This program is also open to single parent applicants, and older parents will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Since the children in the special home-finding program are already waiting to be matched, the time frame is relatively short from application to match with a child. If your homestudy and dossier preparations are underway, match can happen within a few months. Then, from match to homecoming is typically 5-7 months. Travel is typically short, with at least one parent in country for about five days.

Holt’s ambassador program, aimed at finding families for specific older children and sibling groups aged 6-14 from the Philippines, is also linked to the special home-finding program.

These children need you. We know it is God’s heart that every child grow up with the loving support of a family.

If you would like more information about the Philippines Special Home-Finding program, please email Jessica Palmer at Or visit,  for more information about our partner agency, KBF, the Philippines Ambassador Program, parent eligibility and more.

Email  with general adoption questions.

3 Replies to “Philippines adoption”

  1. What is the cost? Have felt burdened to adopt but we are a one income, self-employed family of 6.
    And what about Zechariah in the pic above, has he been adopted?

  2. I have the same question…..was the little boy adopted? I am happy for the sister but sad if they were separated!

  3. The photo above was taken after Roann arrived home. Roann and Zechariah live together in the United States. Holt works diligently to never separate siblings who are placed for adoption.

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