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Header-Art-600x300Last year, Holt supporters accomplished amazing things through the Molly Holt Fund — a fund to help children with special needs access the specific resources they need to thrive, whether in their family or while they wait to join an adoptive family.

In Vietnam, you helped children with special needs attend a daycare uniquely equipped to meet their needs while enabling their parents to seek and maintain stable work. At the Ilsan Center in Korea, you provided specialized therapies and equipment for children and adults with severe disabilities. At the Peace House in China, you provided nurturing care for children awaiting surgery or medical treatment.

And, that’s just the beginning. Read stories about the impact of last year’s Molly Holt Fund campaign, or learn more about the important special need we are raising money and awareness for this year:


This year, with your support of the Molly Holt Fund, Holt will serve even more children with special needs in the countries where we work. From Ethiopia and Uganda, to India, Mongolia and across Southeast Asia, we continue to partner with local organizations and governments to ensure every child can reach their full potential — regardless of the circumstances to which they were born.


philippines-apw--Header-600x575Have you considered adopting from the Philippines?

This program is small, stable and predictable — and in urgent need of families for children. This program is a great fit for:

Younger couples, married for at least three years, ages 27-45, with less than three children.
Families strong in their Christian or Catholic faith. A 5-year church attendance letter is required.
Families who are open to a child of either gender.
Single applicants open to a child age 6+.
Families open to children ages 2-5 with minor special needs.
Families open to older children, siblings or children with more profound special needs.

Does this sound like your family? If so, we’re excited to hear from you!

Email Holt’s adoption counselor, Emily Lund, at emilyl@holtinternational.org. You can reach her by phone at 541-687-2202.

Click here to request a free packet of information about adoption.

Click here to apply now!

Or learn more about Holt’s Philippines adoption program by exploring online. CLICK HERE.

Sara LeveringI started attending Holt Adoptee Camp in the summer of 2004. I was an Oregon camper from 2004 until 2011. The summer of 2011, I had the privilege of attending both Oregon camp as per usual, but also attending the East Coast camp, which showed me a very different type of life, even in that one week. Read More

A pediatrician who cares for children at a Holt partner agency in India receives a doctor of the year award. 

Jewel of the Crown 2015 IMA 2

Last month, at an award ceremony in Dehli, India, Dr. Jayant Navarange, a highly regarded pediatrician, was honored as “Doctor of the Year” by the Indian Medical Association for his medical expertise and distinguished service to children. Since 1980, Dr. Navarange has served as an honorary pediatrician at Bharatiya Semaj Seva Kendra (BSSK), Holt’s legacy partner in Pune, where his work is very admired. “Dr. Navarange is extremely deserving of this award,” Dean Hale, Holt’s director of adoption services for India and the Philippines, says. “He is a very caring, very learned and very accomplished person.”

Dean says that it’s Dr. Navarange’s calming bedside manner and willingness to go above and beyond for children that sets him apart. “He never just accepts a diagnosis,” Dean says. “He always digs deeper.” Dean, who has worked with Holt’s India program for over three decades, recalls a time when Dr. Navarange examined a boy who had been diagnosed with severe seizures. After careful investigation, Dr. Navarange concluded that the child actually suffered from a condition that mimics seizures. The doctor took the child off of his medication immediately and placed him on a more appropriate medical track. “Dr. Navarange is extremely thorough,” Dean says. “ He has great clinical skills, good common sense and he really cares.” Read More

When a group of professionals from Beijing began sponsoring children in their own country, they soon learned that their impact could go far beyond a monthly gift. What ensued was a genuine relationship with their sponsored children and the possibility of changing China’s culture of philanthropy. 

On a cold winter day in a rural community in northwestern China, an unlikely group of people gather together. Ten of them are deemed among China’s most successful professionals from Beijing — businessmen and women, bankers, university scholars and government officials. The rest of the group, numbering about 30, are made up of 12-to-16-year-olds — most of whom have grown up in critical poverty.

They pull their chairs into uneven circles and sit facing each other — the young students listening intently to what the professionals have to say. And the professionals just as eagerly listen to the teenagers. Although they have never met before, the group bonds quickly over a mutual care and interest in each other’s lives. This connection transcends their differing backgrounds, ages and ways of life.

This group is made up of Holt-sponsored children and their sponsors —meeting for the first time.


Here, two exciting and groundbreaking things are taking place. For the first time, Chinese sponsors living in China are sponsoring children in their own country. And as these sponsors and sponsored children meet and talk, they begin to build a deep, lasting, in-person relationship. Unlikely events, both. But perhaps even more unlikely is how it all came about.

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