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This back-to-school season, your sponsored child has all he or she needs for a successful year of learning — and that’s because you are their sponsor! Or if your sponsored child is not yet in school, you are empowering them with the love, support and enrichment they need to one day succeed in school. 

All around the world, the children in Holt’s sponsorship program will receive school tuition, uniforms, school supplies and nutritious school lunches. These school supplies are so crucial. In many places where we work, children are not permitted to attend school without them.

Not only does education inspire and prepare a child for their future, but staying in school can save them from a life of intense hardship. In China, educational sponsorship keeps children in rural and impoverished regions from dropping out early to work in factories or other child labor; it prevents child trafficking in places like Thailand and Cambodia; and in India, it can protect young girls from early arranged marriages.

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8/29/10 | Vietnam

Dax* likes to move. He has so many activities that he wants to do that he doesn’t like wasting time just sitting around.

He likes to draw.

He likes to ride a tricycle.

He likes to sing children’s songs.

He likes to start up conversations with people.

He likes to chase his friends around the playground.

However, he does like to slow down for a few things. He loves hugs and especially big “bear” hugs. He also likes to cuddle and be around his caregivers. Read More


Have you thought about adopting from Korea?

When Holt first pioneered the modern practice of international adoption 60 years ago, we started in Korea. And today, the Korea program remains one of our most predictable and stable adoption programs. The reliable timeline and process, the quality of care that the children receive in country, and the detailed medical information available about the children make it an appealing program for many families. Read More

Facing an unplanned pregnancy, Napha, a college student in Thailand, made the difficult decision to place her baby for adoption. But when she learned that Holt Sahathai Foundation could help with support and resources she needed to raise her daughter, everything changed.

Napha* looked down at her swollen belly, six months along with her first child, anguished over the decision before her. No longer able to hide her pregnancy, she had recently dropped out of school — one of the top universities in Bangkok — where she was in her final year of studying to be a teacher. Her boyfriend, the father of her baby, left her shortly after learning of the pregnancy. Her parents knew nothing, and because of the strong stigma against unwed pregnancy in Thailand, she intended to keep it that way. At just 22 years old, Napha was afraid, without a home and alone. So she picked up the phone.

The number she called was an unplanned pregnancy hotline where she got in touch with Jintana Nontapouraya, executive director of Holt Sahathai Foundation (HSF), Holt’s longtime partner organization in Thailand. HSF works with women like Napha who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. They offer counseling to help women make a decision for themselves and their babies. And regardless of whether they choose to parent or relinquish their child for adoption, HSF provides these women with a safe place to live, prenatal nutrition and, if they do parent, opportunities for training and education needed to provide for themselves and their baby.

While a difficult decision was still before her, Napha was no longer alone.

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Date of Birth: June 15, 2006 | Vietnam

Rowan* is a 10-year-old who has had to overcome many challenges, but he perseveres well and is known for his ability to recover and adapt to changes.

He came into Holt’s care when he was 3 years old, and was severely malnourished. He has several special needs, including congenital heart disease and abnormal curvature of the spine. But he has also had several surgeries to help correct some of his conditions. Read More