Christopher needs a family!

Christopher’s face is hidden for privacy, but there are many awesome pictures of him available on file!

Christopher urgently needs a family before he ages out of the adoption process on his 14th birthday!

This 13-year-old boy is one of the sweetest, smartest and determined boys you will ever meet. At summer camp he was quick to make friends with the teachers and talk about things he learned in school. He is studying English and loves to interact with foreigners when he has the chance. Christopher is so full of joy and enthusiasm, it is almost hard to believe he has such a difficult background.

He was raised for several years by his grandmother and was very close to her. They lived on a mountain in a fairly remote area where she taught him to be independent and pursue his dreams.

One day, he came home from school to find that she had passed away.

Christopher needs a family!Not letting his circumstances dictate his future, Christopher stayed in the same house continuing to cook, clean and take care of himself. Eventually he was reported to the local social welfare office and they brought him to the group home where he now lives.

Christopher has tested positive for HIV, which is well controlled with medication. His group home is for children who have HIV, and he is reportedly doing really well there.

Both Christopher’s physical and cognitive development are on track, and he is well liked by those around him! He loves to play sports, paint pictures, ride his bike and be the class clown.

Christopher’s biggest hope is to one day have an adoptive family. He likes the idea of having brothers, sisters and maybe even a dog! He understands his need for a permanent family, and he realizes that he is running out of time.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Christopher? For more information, visit his photolisting profile, read about other families who have adopted children with HIV, and contact our China child match coordinator, Jessica Zeeb, at

DOB: 08/08/04 | China

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Recently, Vietnam changed their policy on showing the faces of waiting children on social media. Please request more information to be able to see more pictures and videos of Dustin!

Dustin has been waiting too long.

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