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DOB: July 7, 2007, China

Paige came into care two months before her 6th birthday. She’s 10 now, and just the happiest, most sparkly-eyed girl you would ever meet.

You would never guess that a year before she came into care, both her mom and her dad died of HIV — within two days of each other. Unable to provide for her, Paige’s grandparents took her to live at a group home for children living with HIV in 2013. Read More

In China, some of the poorest children and families live in ancient, hand-dug caves — the only housing they can afford. In the harsh, frigid winters, life is not easy. But these kids are in school because of the support they receive from their sponsors. Through education, children like Ping have the best possible chance to escape poverty forever. Thank you for supporting kids like Ping! Your commitment to children is making a world of difference.

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In his 2 and a half years, Brennan has come such a long way.

Brennan weighed just 2.38 pounds when he was born at just 27 weeks, 5 days. He spent his first six months in the hospital. His first couple of years have included several respiratory illnesses and surgery for a patent ductus arteriosus, and currently he has a very small atrial septal defect (0.5mm).

Today, Brennan is 2 and a half years old and has grown so much!

He lives with a loving foster family that is dedicated to his development and care. He connects well with his foster family — and especially loves playing with his foster sister!

Due to his prematurity, he has some developmental delays and is assessed at 11-22 months developmentally (22 months gross motor, 14 months fine motor and 11-12 months personal-social and language). Because of this, the best family for Brennan is one that will be open to some developmental unknowns and is committed to providing him with the therapies and interventions he needs to thrive.

Brennan currently receives physical therapy as well as language and sensory integration therapies and he is showing great improvement! He loves to dance and his signature “move” is swinging his arms back and forth whenever music comes on. He can walk and run, put blocks in a cup, roll a ball, wave ‘bye bye’ and give high fives.

From his starting point — as such a tiny, premature baby — to now, he has shown amazing growth and development.

What Brennan needs now is a permanent family who will love him and be there for all the growing and learning he still has to do!

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Adoptive mom Jen Skipper shares about adopting her son who has developmental delays — the unknowns, the hardships and the hope she now has for his future.

It was time to go and meet our fifth child, our second adoption from China. Our path to him had been clear — we knew he was the boy that God had led us to. He was to be our son. We knew he would come to us with a couple medical diagnoses and some developmental delays. We thought his developmental delays included learning to walk and speak late. At 2 years old, he was just starting to babble. I had poured over his paperwork and felt like all of his reported delays were simply related to being institutionalized, and I was encouraged by the great strides in his development after joining a foster family in China. I had heard stories of institutionalized kids coming home to their forever family and overcoming so many of their delays. I was optimistic and ready to welcome my son into my heart and our family forever.

Jen and Marc in their first days with their son in China.

The moment he was placed into my arms in China at almost 3 years old, I knew his delays and issues were more severe than I had anticipated or imagined. He was laughing and smiling, and that was not how kids are supposed to act when being placed into a stranger’s arms. We took him back to our motel room and I realized he was not making eye contact with any of us. He had no verbal communication and was rummaging through every garbage can he could find, looking for something to play with. He hit himself repeatedly and when we went anywhere new, he would go cross-eyed and grind his teeth. He was so scared and couldn’t communicate it. And so was I.

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Kit needs a family!
Are you or someone you know the right family for Kit?

Holt International recently announced a $3,000 Special Blessings Grant to help with Kit’s adoption!

Two years ago, my daughter Joy and I joined a Holt Ambassador trip to China. Our group of mostly adults met over 40 children with special needs who were waiting for a family. Since then, many of them have been adopted. But a good number are still waiting — and Kit is among them. Read More