• A Birthfather’s Story

    By Megan Herriott | Digital Marketing Specialist The most defining moment in Rob’s life was when he held his son, Stevie, for the very first time. Rob loves his son. And he’s a part of his life. But four… Read More

  • A Place of Belonging

    This was my third year of being part of Holt Adoptee Camp, and my second as camp director. It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been part of this community for such a short amount of time, especially… Read More

  • Immigration & Citizenship: It’s Different for Adoptees

    U.S. citizenship can be a scary subject for some Adoptees and adoptive parents. Rumors are flying, misinformation is spreading like wildfire, and fear is running high in the adoption community. Unfortunately, we don’t see any relief from these… Read More

  • Anxiety in Children

    Anxiety is a term that we toss around quite a bit, especially in the mental health profession. But what does it REALLYmean? The dictionary definition is: a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, typically about an imminent event… Read More

  • Have You Heard About Circle Back Yet?

    We are excited to announce a brand new innovative program that is meant to serve Adoptees and adoptive families! Circle Back encourages and empowers Adoptees to return to their adoption story. Through this new program, led by Holt’s… Read More