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Rebecca Tyler shares the highlights from her family’s 22 years of child sponsorship, and why they have kept sponsoring all these years.

Shortly after bringing our 18-month-old daughter home from Vietnam in 1996, we inquired about adopting a little girl featured in the Holt magazine. As it turned out, she had a family in process but needed another sponsor. We agreed to sponsor her and have been sponsoring ever since.

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A Tyler family portrait always includes a photo of their late son, Andrew. Although Rebecca and Ed considered suspending their sponsorship when Andrew fell ill, they decided, “As long as God was providing, we would keep sponsoring.”


At one point, in the early 2000s, we discussed suspending our sponsorship. Our son, Andrew, had suffered massive cardiac arrest due to an undiagnosed heart condition. He now required a trach for breathing and a feeding tube for nourishment, and the hospital bills added up.

In the end, we decided that as long as God was providing, we would keep sponsoring. After five months in the hospital and many more visits and procedures that last year of Andrew’s life, not a bill or a sponsorship payment had been missed. God had faithfully supplied.

We’ve had several highlight moments during our years as sponsors. One was correspondence with another sponsor family — the family who had sponsored our oldest daughter before she came home to us from Vietnam. How thankful we were for the investment they had made into her life! Another was receiving a letter and photo of our sponsored child with the bike she had purchased with extra money we had sent at Christmas.

sponsor a child
Many of the Tyler kids came to their family through adoption. The Tylers have also sponsored kids while they waited to go home to their families.

Shortly after bringing our son Samuel home from Vietnam in 2008, we were contacted by Holt. Samuel’s roommate, an older boy named Vu, had been adopted by a family in the States and he was worried about Samuel — who he called “his baby.” We agreed to connect, and we recognized Vu immediately! Imagine how overjoyed and surprised we were to realize that we had been one of Vu’s sponsors!

Holt is a trustworthy organization. Sponsorship is a valuable way to exercise James 1:27 and invest in the lives of children from hard places. It is an investment that will always be profitable and never “crash.”

Thank you, Holt International, for allowing us this opportunity. We appreciate all you do.

Rebecca Tyler • Sikeston, MO

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