Urgent: Cole Needs a Family!

Urgent! We need to find a family for Cole before we lose his release in early December 2018! Cole has malformations of his hands and feet and needs walking aids and therapy that are not available in his orphanage. He is a smart boy who has made improvements in his cognitive, social and language skills.  Check out the video to see Cole in action!

Cole needs a family!

This is not an overstatement: whether or not Cole will ever be able to walk may likely depend on whether a family chooses to adopt him.

Cole came into care shortly after birth and he has malformations of his hands and feet, which keep him from walking. His caregivers say it is unlikely that he will be able to walk unless he can receive walking aids and therapy that are not available at his orphanage. Cole needs a family that can provide for his medical needs.

Even though he can’t yet walk, Cole loves to explore. He has learned how to navigate his orphanage by sliding around while sitting up and he also rides around in his wheelchair (see video). His caregivers describe him as persistent and intelligent as he has to figure out how to accomplish tasks on his own.

One caregiver tells the story of how, when she asked a group of kids during snack time if they would share any with her, only one offered to share. It was Cole and he did it happily. Cole is a very sweet and special boy.

Although developing the ability to walk would be a huge opportunity for Cole, what he also needs is a permanent family that will show him all the love and attention that he needs to grow and develop.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Cole? For more information about him, please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at alyciaf@holtinternational.org.

Date of Birth: June 2012 | China

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