Give a Microloan to a Woman in an Impoverished Community

Give a microloan to an aspiring small-business owner in an impoverished community — invest in a woman’s future.

Give a Microloan
When you give a microloan to a mom like Bridget, pictured with her kids, you empower her to transform her family’s lives and her community through her small business.

When you give a microloan to a single mom, you provide everything she needs to:

  • care for her kids long-term;
  • improve her community;
  • help her family escape poverty forever.

One of the most meaningful Christmas gifts you can give this year (and always!) is a microloan. Give a microloan in honor of your boss, mentor or anyone who believes every woman should have the chance to reach her dreams. Your gift of a microloan will provide training and start-up resources a single mom like Bridget needs to open up shop.

Bridget received a microloan for about $150, and with it she started a small printing and scanning business. She invested her profit into her mom’s small shop, turning it into a small grocery store. Now, she is a huge help to her community, she makes enough income to care for her kids and she is on her way to making poverty a thing of the past.

Bridget’s Microloan Success Story

When Bridget finally got the courage to flee an abusive situation, she had no idea how she would care for her kids alone. But she received a microloan Gift of Hope and it changed her life. Bridget learned about business finance, marketing and more. Then, her mentor helped her craft a business plan.

Bridget and her two kids lived with Bridget’s mom, who owned a small corner shop in their neighborhood. With her microloan Gift of Hope, Bridget purchased a printer, computer and had her mom’s shop connected to the internet. Now, she prints and scans documents for other businesses in town, like fliers, invoices and letters. She helps the whole community access better technology. She even helps kids print their school papers!

As her business grew, she invested more money into her mom’s shop. Now, it’s also a little grocery store. Bridget makes more than enough income to support her mom and kids. She even provides business training to other women in her community!

Bridget’s 7-year-old son, Kevin, and 5-year-old daughter, Evelyn, can study or play at the shop when they aren’t in school. This family is happy and thriving because of a Gift of Hope!

When you give a microloan this Christmas, your Gift of Hope will help a woman open a small business, just like Bridget!

Give a Microloan Now!

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