Dani Needs a Family!

Any family would be blessed to have Dani as their son.

Dani is one of the 33 kids that I met in Colombia on our last resource-gathering trip. We showed up to a botanical park in Medellin where he and six other kids were waiting to spend the day with us. A few of the other kids were energetic and running all around, but Dani was very calm and collected. He was pretty interested in my camera and so after a little while I took it off and handed it to him. He seemed surprised that I would trust him with it, but after an approving nod from me, he quickly and carefully started taking pictures.

Dani needs a Family!

As I observed him, I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to be his parent! On the one hand, I could see he was mature, confident and strong, but on the other hand, I could also see he was also just a sweet kid who needs to be loved. I truly believe that any family would be blessed to have Dani as their son.

We asked him some questions about how he felt about adoption and it was very clear that he understood what adoption would mean for him, and that a permanent family was something that he desires very much. He remembers what it was like to have a family, because he lived with his biological family for several years before his grandfather passed away and he came into care.

Dani needs a family!

Can you or someone you know be the right family for Dani? Please email our Colombia program director, Kim Dowd-Uribe, for more information about this special boy!

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Daniel Hespen | Holt Staff Photographer/Videographer

Dani needs a family!

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