Theodore Needs a Family!

Theodore needs a family!

Theodore is a sweet baby boy who likes when people sing to him! He finds it very funny when his foster mom calls his name and has a very cute giggle.

Born early at 33 weeks, Theodore was exposed to alcohol and tobacco in utero, which has caused some developmental delays. He has made huge strides in his development, though! At Theodore’s last well baby check, at 10 months old, the doctor assessed him to be between 8-11 months developmentally. In August 2017, he received an MRI that showed absence of septum pellucidum, which will continually be observed.

Theodore’s foster mother describes him as shy around strangers, but very attached to her. He loves playing with others and smiles readily. He is learning all kinds of new things like crawling, rolling over and grabbing large objects.

The right family for Theodore will need to be comfortable with the unknowns regarding his brain abnormality and prenatal history, and also be able to provide him with any medical care or therapies he needs to thrive.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Theodore? For more information, visit his photolisting profile and contact our adoption advisor, Caitlin Howe, at

DOB: 5/10/17 | NE Asia

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