Mia Needs a Family!

Mia needs a familyMia’s time is running out.

Beautiful and kind, Mia makes friends easily — maybe because she is always willing to help out when there’s a need.  Right now, Mia has an urgent need of her own. On September 6, she will age out of the adoption process. Mia needs a family to come forward before that happens!

Mia joined a foster family in 2006, where she has a foster mom, dad and brother. She is described as an easygoing girl who likes singing and dancing. She likes to interact with others, and although she may be shy at first, she is active with people who are familiar to her.  She makes friends easily with her peers. Mia is also doing well in school and her grades are good. Math is not her favorite, but she likes English and music. She shows curiosity about new things and expresses herself well.

Mia has a history of health concerns, but she is currently doing very well. She came to the orphanage 12 years ago, in March of 2005. A CT scan showed abnormal results and she had a small meningocele on top of her head and esotropia of the left eye; developmental assessments in 2012 showed delays. However, Mia’s recent update says, “Current situation: healthy, cognitive development is normal.” Her caregivers write that she doesn’t have any sign of delayed intellectual development.

Mia has known that international adoption is a possibility for her, and so she has worked very hard to learn some English in anticipation of joining an American family. She needs a family with an approved homestudy  that is also well educated about older child adoption issues.  Her family will need to complete their adoption paperwork in time to bring her home before her 14th birthday in September.

A $3,000 Special Blessings grant is available to go toward the fees for Mia’s adoption through Holt International.  Contact our child match coordinator, Jessica Zeeb, for more information.

DOB: 9/6/2004 | China

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Mia needs a family


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