Harley Needs a Family!

Harley needs a family!

Harley loves to use his hands.

Every chance he gets, Harley is building tall towers out of Legos, playing piano, or using the computer keyboard to play games. While these may seem like normal things for a 5-year-old boy to be interested in, for Harley, they are especially significant.

Harley was born with Apert syndrome, a condition that affects the shape of a child’s head and face. Apert syndrome also caused Harley’s fingers and toes to be fused together— making them connected, or webbed. In 2016, Harley had surgery to separate his webbed thumbs, which allows him to do the things he loves — like building with Legos! He doesn’t let his special needs get him down and he cheerfully runs around the playground and kicks a ball with his friends.

Harley is a very smart boy. He particularly likes observing the repairmen who come to address issues at the group home where he lives, and is very interested in how they use their tools to fix the wires and sockets in the wall. He always wants to know how things work, and shows good comprehension when his caregivers explain it to him.

Harley was also born with laryngomalacia and his language development is a bit delayed as a result. He has trouble speaking, but still finds ways to communicate using facial expressions and hand motions.

Harley needs a family that can provide the care and resources he needs to thrive!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Harley? For more information, please contact Jessica Zeeb!

DOB: 5/30/12 | China

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