Eloisa and Roselyn need a family!

Eloisa and Roselyn need a family!
Their home country’s government doesn’t allow us to show their faces, but there are many great photos in their file!
These sweet sisters want a family of their own!

In their own words, both girls have shared that they understand what adoption would mean for them and clearly express that they want a family of their own.

Eloisa wants to be in a family with Roselyn, and she has imagined herself having a mom and dad. She is also nervous about joining a new family because she is worried that if she can’t speak English well, her new family will reject her. Most of all, she wants a family that will care for her and her sister and love them.

Roselyn is excited by the idea that she could have an adoptive family with a mom, a dad and maybe even siblings. She is concerned that she will miss her friends from the orphanage but hopes she will be able to keep in contact. She is not picky about where they will live, and she is even “okay with a cold place.”

Eloisa and Roselyn came into care in 2015, when found wandering in the city unaccompanied by an adult. Their father is deceased and their mother is unable to care for them, so they had been living on the streets. They have a strong bond and look out for each other.

Eloisa and Roselyn need a family!

Eloisa is 11 years old and is devoted to her sister. She is shy with strangers and takes a while to warm up to others, but her caregivers describe her as gentle, patient and always taking care of her sister, making sure she has everything she needs. She is in elementary school, and has some mild cognitive delays compared to her peers, but her teachers say she is showing great improvement! Eloisa like to be active and plays basketball with her friends.

Roselyn is 7 years old and is very active, energetic and friendly with others. Her house parents describe her as “bubbly and jolly.” She is doing well academically and can identify colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Roselyn also has a very good appetite and her favorite foods are chicken, rice, bananas and orange juice. She likes to sing and dance with her friends.

If you are interested in learning more about these sisters, they have much more information and un-blurred photos in their file. They are waiting for a very experienced family that understands older child adoption and the impact of trauma and grief.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Eloise and Roselyn? For more information about these sisters, please visit their photolisting profile and contact Kristen Henry!

DOB: Eloise, 3/20/2006 | Roselyn, 3/20/2010 | SE Asia


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