Finley Needs a Family!

Finley needs a Family!
Could you be the right family for Finley?

Three-year-old Finley came into care in 2016 when she was placed at the gates of a childcare center in China. She arrived with medical reports showing that she had surgeries in 2015 for hydrocephalus and tethered cord.

Although the start of her life has been quite hard, Finley is a cheerful, smiley little girl. She loves her main caregiver and enjoys being around other people. There are two other kids in the orphanage that she is especially good friends with, and they like to play together.

Finley has some developmental delays, weakness in her legs and cannot stand without support. But watch the video of her learning with her caregiver!

She can speak in short sentences, understands what people are saying, can name objects and people, and makes good eye contact when having a conversation.

Finely needs a family that has access to good medical care, and is open to her developmental unknowns. But most of all, Finley needs a family that will love her in the way that she needs to thrive.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Finley? For more information, please visit her photolisting profile and contact Jessica Zeeb.

DOB: 6/1/2014 | China

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