Dorsey Needs a Family!

Dorsey needs a family!

Just look at Dorsey’s Smile!

Dorsey is an active little guy who likes to move and wiggle! So much so that taking a picture without a little blur is nearly impossible (see above).

His first birthday is coming up on the 16th of February, and while I’m sure his foster family will celebrate it with him, the best birthday present of all would be to get the adoption process started with a family of his own!

Dorsey was born prematurely at an estimated 36 weeks, weighing 5.55 pounds, and he had some prenatal alcohol and tobacco exposure. Soon after birth, a small atrial septal defect was noted, and an MRI in June 2017 showed prominent extra axial CSF (subarachnoid) space and a small amount of chronic subdural hemorrhage or subdural hygroma (both F-P-T convexity).

Even in his short life so far, Dorsey has encountered some challenges, but with the right family cheering him on and providing the support he needs, he can overcome those challenges! The right family for him will need to understand his medical history, provide the care he needs and give him outlets for all his energy!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Dorsey? For more information please visit his photolisting profile, and contact our adoption advisor, Caitlin Howe!

DOB: 2/16/17 | NE Asia


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