Paige Needs a Family!

Read and share Paige’s* story to help find the family she needs and deserves. Could you be the right family for Paige? A $3,000 Special Blessings grant is available to help the right family bring this bright and joyful girl home. 

DOB: July 7, 2007, China

Paige came into care two months before her 6th birthday. She’s 10 now, and just the happiest, most sparkly-eyed girl you would ever meet.

You would never guess that a year before she came into care, both her mom and her dad died of HIV — within two days of each other. Unable to provide for her, Paige’s grandparents took her to live at a group home for children living with HIV in 2013.

Beth Smith poses for a photo with Paige in October 2017.

Last month, Beth Smith, Holt’s director of China services, met Paige at the group home where she now lives. Here’s what Beth shares about Paige:

“Paige seems like a very bright girl. She exudes confidence and playfulness. She is expressive.  She understood why I was there and let us know she would like a family with siblings of all ages!”

Paige’s HIV is well controlled with medication, and she is very active and healthy. Her physical development is normal for a girl her age, and she loves skating and dancing. She gets good grades in her math and Chinese classes, and she loves to read. She is also a talented artist!

To protect Paige’s privacy — and because HIV is still very stigmatized in China, so much so that individuals living with HIV experience discrimination in every facet of their lives — we have chosen to blur these photos of Paige.

But if you feel you might be the right family for Paige, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about — and see photos of — this bright and joyful girl. She will melt your heart.

Paige needs a family who can provide any medical care she will need, understand the complexities of older child adoption, and provide all the love and care she needs to grow and thrive. A $3,000 Special Blessings grant is available to help the right family bring her home.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Paige?

For more information, visit Paige’s photolisting profileread about other families who have adopted children with HIV, and contact our China child match coordinator, Jessica Zeeb, at

*name changed and photos blurred to protect her identity

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