5 Things to Know About Adopting a Child With Down Syndrome

  1. Most children with Down syndrome grow up to live long, happy lives — and many will hold jobs, live alone, marry and enjoy all the same things in life as any other person.
  2. Children with Down syndrome tend to thrive in loving homes that help them access inclusive education, ongoing medical care, early intervention therapies and a community of accepting, positive friends and role models.
  3. Some health conditions associated with Down syndrome include heart issues, sleep apnea and increased risk of seizures. In the U.S., life expectancy has increased dramatically for people with Down syndrome to about 60.
  4. Some children with Down syndrome will become fully independent adults and some will need lifelong support. Most children experience mild to moderate learning or cognitive delays. All kids are unique, and will have different strengths, talents and characteristics.
  5. Nearly every city in the United States has parent support groups, community organizations and specialized services specifically for children and adults with Down syndrome and their families.

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