Frankie Needs a Family!

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-11-20-34-amWhen Frankie* grows up, he wants to be a superhero. For now he just practices by pretending with his friends. But someday, he will be saving people from the bad guys and defending the world from evil.

2015-11-03-11-03-18Like many superheroes, Frankie has some obstacles that he is working to overcome — obstacles that may just shape the narrative arc of his life, infusing him with a deeper compassion for others, and imbuing him with greater purpose and power to achieve his dreams. Frankie was born with cerebral palsy, but he is learning how to get around and be independent. He also has HIV, which is well controlled with medication, but in order to protect his privacy we can’t show his smiling face. These are obstacles that are tough and bring a lot of challenges for Frankie, including developmental delays resulting from CP and discrimination resulting from the stigma against a positive HIV diagnosis.

But in true superhero form, Frankie doesn’t let his obstacles stop him from reaching his goals.

7-11-2016-7CP makes it difficult for Frankie to walk, so he uses a walker. But he doesn’t stop at walking — he also dances along to his favorite music, and actively plays with his friends, just like any other kid. Many of our staff have met Frankie and describe him fondly as a sweet and determined kid.

Frankie is going to help save the world someday, but right now, what he needs is a superhero — or maybe just an everyday hero — who can empower him with the opportunities and resources he needs to reach his potential in life. He needs a family of his own.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Frankie? For more information about Frankie and access to the great pictures and videos of him that we have on file, please contact Jessica Zeeb at

Date of Birth: 8/7/10 | China

*name changed

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