Rush Emergency Food to Children in North Korea



Dear Friend,

Thousands of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in North Korea are in desperate need of our help simply to survive.

Their situation is so critical that our partner orphanages are requesting our urgent help to rush food and lifesaving essentials to help these precious children who are at risk of severe malnutrition.

Like me, I know you will want to pull out all the stops and rush emergency food needed to keep these children from wasting away …

So please, make your generous and much-needed gift now so we can send as much emergency food as possible!

Nothing is more terrible than a child suffering because she doesn’t have enough to eat—especially when you and I can give her the nourishment she needs.

Will you give now, before malnutrition and starvation bring an end to these precious young lives?

On behalf of hungry and hurting children—children who have no one else to count on—thank you for your prayers and for your generous gift today!

For the children,

Phillip Littleton
President & CEO


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