Around the world, children are growing up in unbelievable circumstances. They don’t have enough food. Or clean water. They sleep in dangerous and dirty environments. Their families are too ill to care for them. Or they get sick themselves because their parents can’t afford routine medical care. Many children have no one to care for them. They are separated from their families due to illness, poverty or other hardships. In some cases, they are true orphans.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Through Holt’s child sponsorship program, compassionate people like you are truly changing the world — one child at a time. When you become a Holt sponsor, you make a $30 monthly commitment to help one child succeed. Depending on your child’s unique needs, your monthly gifts may go toward:

  • daycare
  • educational support and scholarships
  • nutritious food
  • warm clothing
  • medical care
  • temporary foster care
  • support and services for children with special needs
  • support and resources for single mothers
  • job skills training or microloans to help their parents earn vital income

More than a list of items, Holt child sponsors are providing what every child needs to grow and develop to their full potential. While food, shelter and clothing are essentials, perhaps the greatest gift sponsorship provides is the nurturing care that is so vital to healthy growth and development.

If your child is already living with a family, your support will help him or her to remain within a nurturing home environment — and in the loving care of a family. We will then work with that family to create a sustainable, long-term plan for the future — a plan where the family is healthy, financially stable and able to independently care for their children.

If your sponsored child has no living parents or relatives, your support will help provide a family-like, nurturing environment while we work to find an adoptive family in your child’s birth country or in the U.S.

Ultimately, you will make it possible for a child to grow up strong and healthy in the loving care of a family. And that is how you will truly change the life of a child.

To learn more about Holt’s child sponsorship program and become a sponsor today, click here!

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  1. How would you know if the country program of the child you have sponsored is one where you can send letters?

  2. Almost every child in every country can receive letters, photos and other flat items, like stickers. Please call us with any questions at 541-687-2202 and ask for our sponsorship department.

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