What’s Missing from Su-bin’s photo?




Date of Birth: June, 13, 2009 (19 months old), Korea

by Ashli Keyser, managing editor

Something is missing.

I look at Su-bin’s picture on the Waiting Child photolisting, and I know something’s missing. He’s a cute little guy with black, spiky hair, soft features, adorable, plump lips and sweet, inquisitive eyes. Just an all around lovable 2-year-old little boy. But something is missing. I momentarily look above Su-bin’s photo. I find my answer. Across another child’s photo, written in bold red letters are the words, “I have a family!” I thank God that this precious child has a family, and I wait for the day when those words will be written across Su-bin’s photo, too. That’s what’s missing from his photo. Four little words that mean so much.

“I can’t imagine why Su-bin doesn’t have a family yet,” says Erin Mower, Holt’s Waiting Child program assistant. “He’s just so sweet.” Erin met Su-bin on her trip to Korea in December. She interacted with him and fell in love.

Su-bin has been on the Waiting Child photolisting for two years. “When he was first released for adoption, we didn’t know a lot about his health,” says Erin. “ There were a lot of unknowns. We have more information now so, hopefully, we can find him a family soon.”

Erin is not the only one steadfastly advocating for Su-bin’s adoption.

“When I arrived to assess Su-bin, his physical therapist ran out to me,” remembers Erin. “She said ‘you have to find Su-bin a family! He’s made so much progress!’ I could tell his physical therapist thought he was really special.”

Su-bin’s foster family describes him as “a lovely little boy.” His December well baby check assessed him to be at a 10-11 month developmental level. He is able to walk with support, wave bye-bye and say a few words. He was just recently transferred to Holt’s Ilsan Center where Molly Holt, the center’s director, and attentive caretakers will love him until he goes home to a family.

Even Molly has a lot to say about Su-bin. “He’s very lively and cute,” she tells me, with a smile on her face. “When he arrived at Ilsan all the caretakers wanted to be the one to care for him. He will find a family soon.”

For two years Su-bin’s waited on the photolisting. It’s time to add those missing words to his photo. It’s time to add a mother, a father and, perhaps, a brother or sister. In the next few months, I hope to see the words “I have a family!” written across Su-bin’s photo.

Will you help Holt find what’s missing in Su-bin’s life?

Maybe, just maybe, you’re what’s missing.

There is a $5,000 Special Blessings grant from Holt for this adoption, as well as reduced fees.

Click here to learn more about Su-bin. And contact Erin Mower for more information erinm@holtinternational.org

2 Replies to “What’s Missing from Su-bin’s photo?”

  1. Its obvious he is a well loved child. My husband and I would like more information on his medical/developmental issues to better determine if we would be able to provide him with the specific family environment he may need.

  2. I know the perfect couple for this boy.The Babcock family in Omaha ,Ne.They already have alot of their paperwork done.They are a great family.They have a 4 year old daughter and a 18 month old son.They are practicing christians.They dont have alot of money ,but always find a way to make things work.She takes great care of her kids and they are great children.This little boy would be very lucky to have a new mom,dad,sister and brother.Please help them to make this little boy a part of their family.

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