Korea Family Tours

Heritage Tours to Korea

Note: This tour is open to all Korean adoptees and adoptive families, whether or not the placing agency was Holt.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: Adoptees will be able to review their adoption file with a social worker and discuss any questions they may have about their roots. Adoptees may be able to visit their birth city or orphanage (if applicable), meet their foster family, or (for adult adoptees) initiate a birth family search. Tour events encompass many things significant to adoptees and adoptive families. We plan to visit Holt-Korea and Holt's Ilsan Center for the disabled, a children's home, and a maternity shelter.

Tour participants experience Korea together as we visit national and historic sites and learn about Korea's rich cultural heritage. Our planned itinerary will include visits to the Korean Folk Village, the beach, and the DMZ. There may also be opportunities to attend a traditional music and dance performance, spend time with a Korean host family, and, of course, to try all kinds of delicious Korean food.

DATES: The 2017 Holt Family Tour will depart for Korea on Monday, June 19 and return to the United States on Sunday, July 2 (total time: 2 weeks).

COST: Estimated $5,800 per adult tour member and $4,800 for children under 12. Tour fees must be paid in full by May 19, 2017. *Fee's are refundable until April 28, 2017. **Based on double occupancy, additional charge for single room.

Please find registration forms below. Reserve your spot on the tour by submitting these forms and a $500 deposit (per person; will be applied to total tour cost and is fully refundable until April 28, 2017).

All details subject to change. Due to fluctuating fuel costs, there may be an increase in the fuel surcharge that is charged to us by the airline, and in that event we reserve the right to increase our cost accordingly.

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For more information or to receive hard copies of the registration forms, please contact Paul Kim or call 541-687-2202.