Just Like Me

By Caitlin Howe | Adoption Advisor In 2005, I attended Holt’s sleep-away camp for adoptees in Oregon. What is today known as “Holt Adoptee Camp” was a lot different back then. It was called “Holt Heritage Camp” and,… Read More

How My Uncertainty Led Me to Holt Adoptee Camp

On February 14, 1990, my 9-month-old self landed at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. My adoptive family video-recorded my arrival, and later in my childhood I would watch it every so often. As time went on, life happened and eventually… Read More

Should I Send My Child to Holt Camp?

“It’s too cold,” Tae responded when I asked about swim lessons. “I don’t like swim lessons and I don’t want to go.” This was the second year that my daughter’s preschool offered swim lessons as a part of… Read More

Thoughts From My First Holt Camp Experience

By Katelyn Marks, Social Services Assistant Two years ago, when I first started working at Holt, I sat close to Holt’s camp registrar, Pame Chow. It was during the summer, and it was camp season. Although I was… Read More

Connecting in Groups

“Stick Together.” “No hurts.”  “Have fun” (Theraplay ®). These are three very simple phrases that guide our Kids’ Connection Group at Holt-Sunny Ridge.  In July and August of 2016, eight adopted children, ages 7-11, gathered once a week… Read More

Time to Sign Up for Holt Adoptee Camp!

Before we know it, the school year will be ending and summer will be upon us. We’re working hard preparing for our 2016 Adoptee camps — hiring counselors, preparing campsites and registering campers. If you’ve been to our… Read More

2015 Holt Adoptee Summer Camp!

The 2015 Holt Adoptee summer camps and day camps have come to a close and we had the privilege of working with over 400 campers and parents this year. Our camps are unique among other adoption and heritage… Read More

Holt Camp 2015

Holt Camp is AWESOME!  

Holt Adoptee Camp – Time to Register!

Our camp serves adoptive families in five locations across the country.  We are an American Camp Association accredited, weeklong overnight camp for Adoptees 9-16 years of age; from any birth country or adoption agency. We also hold a… Read More

Communication series: Parents and adoptees talk adoption

A free, informational webinar WHEN: June 26, 2014. 5pm PST As we continue our series on communicating about adoption, Holt’s post adoption services team presents a panel discussion featuring two sets of parents and adoptees. Hear the same… Read More