• Family Campout in Oregon

    South Beach State Park, Newport, OR August 4-10, 2018 The campout is open to all families touched by adoption. The campout started over 30 years ago with a group of Holt adoptive families camping together and it eventually… Read More

  • Helping to Heal

    An older child without a family has many life experiences we can’t even dream of. In Mongolia, Holt is working to provide children with indoor toilets and warm showers. In China, children with HIV are treated like “lepers”… Read More

  • The Adoption Lens of “This is Us”

    The NBC hit show “This is Us” has already been nominated for numerous Emmy awards in its pilot season. The characters are realistically flawed and the intergenerational flashbacks help weave the storylines together. But for those of us… Read More

  • Embarrassing Racism: The Burden of Being Alone

    It was a typical Thursday evening. The fall season was clearly upon us as blustery winds and Pacific Northwest rains declared that summer was in the books. I sat with my wife, Shannon, as we watched our daughter… Read More