• The Race Issue from a White Mom’s Perspective

    In my last article, I wrote about how transcultural adoptive parents embrace their adoptee’s culture as part of their family’s everyday life. I also touched upon how important it is for international adoptees to be around others who… Read More

  • Finding Hope Through TBRI ®: The Journey of Hope Family Camp

    I looked over and he was asleep on the floor, his arm wrapped around a teddy bear. Watching Michael* sleep, I began to cry. Finally, a breakthrough, I thought. Finally, Michael felt safe. This summer, Holt-Sunny Ridge offered… Read More

  • Four Tips About Race for Adoptive Parents in the Teen Years (that might surprise you!)

    By Katie Naftzger, LICSW Distinguish cultural norms from cultural stereotypes. Cultural stereotypes are automatic, exaggerated, judgmental views regarding a particular race and/or culture. Stereotypes are not open to individual differences or new information. They are often based on… Read More

  • New Resource for Parents of Teen Adoptees

    I recently attended the KAAN conference in Pittsburg. It’s a conference designed to educate, empower and connect people touched by adoption. Overall, the conference was extremely powerful as I was able to meet new friends, reconnect with and… Read More

  • Just Like Me

    By Caitlin Howe | Adoption Advisor In 2005, I attended Holt’s sleep-away camp for adoptees in Oregon. What is today known as “Holt Adoptee Camp” was a lot different back then. It was called “Holt Heritage Camp” and,… Read More

  • How My Uncertainty Led Me to Holt Adoptee Camp

    On February 14, 1990, my 9-month-old self landed at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. My adoptive family video-recorded my arrival, and later in my childhood I would watch it every so often. As time went on, life happened and eventually… Read More

  • Citizenship Information

    Recently, Holt has received numerous calls and emails from families and adult adoptees regarding citizenship. To help answer questions, please see the article “The Acronyms of U.S. Citizenship” (click here). From this link you can find other useful… Read More