• ALP’s New Course – The Republic of Korea

    Adoption Learning Partners has launched their latest course, The Republic of Korea: History and Culture. Our very own Paul Kim, Holt director of Korea and Mongolia programs, provided the subject matter expertise and many of the photos in… Read More

  • Opportunity to Participate in Research on the Effects of Bullying on Transracial Adoptees

    Northeastern State University is conducting an important study on the scope and effects of bullying on transracial Adoptees, 9-17 years of age. The study has been approved by their IRB, meaning the study meets all ethical and safety… Read More

  • Birth Parent Fantasies

    By Fran Eisenman (published by adoptivefamilies.com) In order to grapple with the idea of a birth parent, your grade-schooler may be concocting wild fantasies. Over the years, 7-year-old Amy and her mom have had several “birth mother” talks…. Read More

  • Cultivating Multiculturalism in Transracially Adopted Families

    I have been an adoptive parent for over 20 years now. Our adoption was a same-race and culture adoption, and though my family does not have to cope with the complexity of transracial adoption, I am still learning… Read More

  • How My Uncertainty Led Me to Holt Adoptee Camp

    On February 14, 1990, my 9-month-old self landed at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. My adoptive family video-recorded my arrival, and later in my childhood I would watch it every so often. As time went on, life happened and eventually… Read More

  • Citizenship Information

    Recently, Holt has received numerous calls and emails from families and adult adoptees regarding citizenship. To help answer questions, please see the article “The Acronyms of U.S. Citizenship” (click here). From this link you can find other useful… Read More