• Secrets in Your Child’s DNA

    Recently, I listened to a recorded radio show at CreatingaFamily.org about adoptees using their own DNA to find their birth family. You all have probably seen the advertisements on TV about these services. I never imagined that they… Read More

  • Citizenship Information

    Recently, Holt has received numerous calls and emails from families and adult adoptees regarding citizenship. To help answer questions, please see the article “The Acronyms of U.S. Citizenship” (click here). From this link you can find other useful… Read More

  • How You Can Play, Connect and Beat the Winter Blues All at Once!

    *Most activities from Theraplay ® activities flip book One of the most common struggles parents face is playing with their children. For some, it just doesn’t come natural to be playful with kids. Often, we are too heavy… Read More

  • “Lion” – A Movie Review

    This movie really hit home. Adapted from the book “A Long Way Home,” Lion is based on a true story that is like and yet unlike any other story of loss, grief and struggling to move forward when… Read More

  • Roundtable Event

    We recently held our second roundtable panel training event — Race/Racism & Adoptee Identity — for adoptive parents and adoption professionals in Portland, OR. The three-hour training featured a diverse panel of adult Adoptees describing the challenges of… Read More

  • Should I Send My Child to Holt Camp?

    “It’s too cold,” Tae responded when I asked about swim lessons. “I don’t like swim lessons and I don’t want to go.” This was the second year that my daughter’s preschool offered swim lessons as a part of… Read More