Most of the children here don’t know they are HIV+. It’s too risky. Their teachers don’t know. Their neighbors definitely don’t know because if they did, they would have to move again. They’ve moved eight times in ten years, all 28 children. If their teachers knew, they would be isolated and discriminated against or, Read More

At one special medical foster home in China, orphaned and abandoned children from all over China with severe medical needs, health conditions and special needs receive such amazing care, they blossom right before their caregiver’s eyes. Peace House is not an actual house, but rather a small apartment on the 26th floor of an, Read More

Through Holt’s child sponsorship program, dedicated sponsors create pathways for orphaned and vulnerable children to escape poverty and chase their dreams — an especially rare opportunity for children living in caves in northern China. Only the poorest families still live in caves. Some families use the dusty, mountainside rooms as animal pens to protect their, Read More

World Health Day is April 7, and we have four easy ways that you can participate in this important global awareness day and spread improved health to the most vulnerable children, women and communities around the world. When you give a Gift of Hope, you provide lifesaving tools and resources exactly where they are, Read More

As Holt’s China team works to find families for a growing number of children with complex heart disease, a partnership develops with Little Hearts Medical — a groundbreaking, U.S.-based organization of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and adoptive families who are working to ensure children receive the medical interventions they need early on, and while still, Read More

We are delighted to share with you that the Holt-funded Mother and Child Health Center in Shinshicho, Ethiopia has opened its doors to patients and now, for the first time, more than 250,000 men, women and children have access to advanced healthcare.

She could have been just a number. Just another kid in an orphanage. Just another kid with special needs. When Holt matched Vivienne with her family three years ago, she was about to receive surgery for her cleft lip and palate — a common condition among children living in orphanage care in China. At, Read More