A Life She Chose

Most girls growing up in poverty in India have one of two choices: marry young or work as a domestic helper while their brothers go to school. But Ashwini believed in herself, and so did her sponsor.

Seventeen-year-old Ashwini could be married right now. She could have a baby and stay at home cooking and cleaning all day for a husband she didn’t choose and doesn’t particularly like.

Or, Ashwini could be working full time as a “domestic helper” — as a maid in the home of a family that has no problem employing an underage girl who should be in school.

If Ashwini had a brother, she might have had to watch him go to school every day while she stayed home and helped with housework.

For thousands of girls growing up in poverty in India, these are their choices.

But Ashwini chose a different path. Continue reading “A Life She Chose”

Girls in India are being denied this basic right…


In India, a girl child begins her life with uncertainty about her very existence on this earth.

Illegal practices like sex determination, foeticide and infanticide are not uncommon in Indian society. Even today, a woman in the lower urban middle class or in rural India is the last member of a household to eat and also the last one to get medical attention. And until recently, women from rural India were hidden behind the veil and kept in the dark, ignorant about the outside world and their basic rights.

One of these most basic and vital rights is the right to an education. Continue reading “Girls in India are being denied this basic right…”