In Cambodia, palm trees are used in all kinds of ways. The tall stalks act as landmarks, designating a family’s home and property. Its fruit is used to make delicious “fish amok” — a traditional Khmer dish featuring rich, creamy coconut curry. And when you pull apart the different strands of the palm leaf,, Read More

The most effective way to end child abandonment and reduce the global number of orphans is prevention.

Overcoming financial and family pressures — and one fast-moving river — a young woman in Cambodia pursues her dream of a college education. Research and interviews for this story were conducted by University of Oregon student Hallie Rosner, who recently interned with Holt Cambodia through IE3 Global Internships. Every morning before class, Sath Chheangly, Read More

Join Holt partner Friendship with Cambodia on a tour to learn about life, culture and the needs of children we serve in Cambodia! The tour will run from December 30, 2013 to January 11, 2014, and all funds raised will go to support programs for woman and children in Cambodia. Friendship with Cambodia (FWC), Read More

Earlier this year, Holt’s senior executive for S.E. Asia traveled to Cambodia to visit families and children in programs Holt supports in the region. Here, she shares the story of one young woman named Soriya. Despite economic hardship, Soriya’s mother held strong that her daughter should stay in school. With Holt’s help, she did., Read More

In impoverished communities around the world, girls are far more likely than boys to be deprived of an education. But when girls are educated, they have the unique capacity to create sweeping social and economic changes in their communities — for generations to come. In Cambodia, Holt recently took over an educational sponsorship program, Read More

In September, Molly MacGraw arrived in Phnom Penh for a three-month, IE3 Global Internship with Pathways to Development – Holt’s partner organization in Cambodia. A human development and family sciences major at Oregon State University, Molly will over the coming months assist Pathways with child sponsorship reporting, grant writing and other tasks that will, Read More

A Holt sponsor meets her sponsored child. A Holt intern meets the children and families she set out to serve.