Children with special needs in Thailand find strength in the face of challenges University of Oregon graduate Ally Tritten is currently in Thailand working with Holt Sahathai Foundation (HSF) as an intern with IE3 Global Internships. Ally, a family and human services major, will work for HSF for six months, helping to find homes, Read More

Watch the video below and find out what Holt sponsorship is all about…..and how you can change a child’s life…. Sponsor a child in Holt’s care today!

Holt is now providing sponsorship for children in Guatemala Just five days shy of *Maggi’s 4th birthday, any plans being made to celebrate her special day came to an abrupt halt. Instead, Maggi and her family fled their home in a panic, as tropical storm Agatha swept across Guatemala – taking the family’s already, Read More

The journey that changed my life by Alexa Dantzler Exactly one year ago, my parents told me news that forever changed my life. One evening, my parents gathered us in the living room. We called our oldest sister, Dana, at college. And then my dad said, with a grand smile on his face, “Girls,, Read More

By Brian Campbell, Director of Creative Services Pune, India— Before the first call of birds, the morning is greeted by the beeping of horns. Little auto rickshaws and scooters buzz through the streets of Pune, and vendors – selling all sorts of goods –  prepare their services for the day. Outside his tidy, modest, Read More

Senior Writer Robin Munro discusses her experience at a Holt-supported foster care program in Northern China. by Robin Munro Jilin City, China—Today, we drove to a small farming village just outside of Jilin City, a forested, mountainous region of Northern China where Holt sponsors foster care for 39 children. Here, amid lush green acres, Read More

by Brenna Bonner I had barely heard the last few words of the radio advertisement for the Secret Keeper Girl event, but I did hear it, and four weeks later my daughter, five friends and myself were on our way to the event. On the night before Mother’s Day, our spirits were high and, Read More

A youth group sponsors a child at a Winter jam concert In order to reach kids with the Gospel in this day and age, you have to do it on their level. That’s why I love taking our group to Winter Jam each year. It features the greatest Christian artists of our day with, Read More

Winter Jam 2010, a concert tour featuring Christian artists like: Newsboys, Third Day, and hosted by Newsong, continues to be a major force in raising awareness and support for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children overseas. The tour, so far, has seen many generous and caring people make the decision to help a child through, Read More

Holt is assisting Children and Families affected by the devastating Earthquake The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday saw children and families, already starving and impoverished, left with nothing. Holt is now in Haiti helping to assist the children and families who are struggling to survive in this broken country. Although communication, Read More