When a group of professionals from Beijing began sponsoring children in their own country, they soon learned that their impact could go far beyond a monthly gift. What ensued was a genuine relationship with their sponsored children and the possibility of changing China’s culture of philanthropy.  On a cold winter day in a rural, Read More

With the generous gift of an anonymous Holt supporter, a 6-year-old girl in Ethiopia receives treatment and glasses for a debilitating eye condition. Birhanesh walks along a dusty, broken sidewalk in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Holding her father’s hand, she frolics down the uneven ground — bringing up gravel that dirties her pretty white flats., Read More

In the days leading up to your birthday, and especially on the actual day, it’s so exciting to check your mailbox and find an outpouring of cards from the people you love. Whether form your parents, siblings, grandparents or dear friends, their words make you feel warm, fuzzy and cared for. They remembered your, Read More

The following is intended as a resource for Holt music artists as they advocate to find sponsors for the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve. But if you are not a Holt artist, we still invite you to be a sponsorship advocate! Below you’ll find examples of the types of content you can post to social, Read More

In Korea, unwed motherhood is one of the leading reasons for child abandonment. When a single woman becomes pregnant, she could lose everything — her family, friends, career, education, housing and the hope of these things in the future. This stigma is so strong and enduring that often women feel like they don’t have, Read More

In February, I spent a week visiting children and families in Holt’s program in rural Cambodia, where extreme poverty, under-development, food shortages and un-policed exploitation threaten the stability, health and wellness of children, families and entire communities. On our last day in Kampot, an older woman met our Holt group just as we were, Read More

Recently, Holt staff visited a daycare center Holt supports in Manila, Philippines. Here, in a colorful room full of 3-to-4-year-olds, there are abundant toys, crayons and notebooks, a loving teacher, nutritious food and most of all, hope. These children live in one of the most impoverished barangays (or neighborhoods) in Manila, but because of, Read More

On Easter, we celebrate Jesus as God’s gift to the world. Through Him there is light, life and ultimate hope! So what better reason or season than Easter to give a tangible form of hope to children and families all around the world? When you give educational support, lifesaving food, blankets and shoes, or, Read More

When a steaming bowl of rice, corn or noodles is placed in front of a child in a North Korean care center, that child knows this food is a blessing. It should be their right. It should be every child’s right to eat three nourishing meals every day. But in a country that regularly, Read More


Last summer, for International Day of the Child, 200 children in Uganda celebrated with songs, dance, cake and gifts! But maybe the most meaningful part of the day was the children’s reflection on their lives and their heartfelt thanks for the transformational support they receive from their sponsors. A large group of children from, Read More