Could you be the right family for Tamika? Tamika is in 4th grade and loves to learn. Her teachers praise her for her work ethic and high marks on her assignments. Some day, she hopes to be a teacher so that she can help others learn!

A child is considered “older” if they arrive home older than 5. After age 5, a child’s chance of joining a family through adoption decreases significantly. All parents of older adopted children say that despite missing out on the earliest days of life, there are still many joyful “firsts” to experience together! Older children, Read More

Children with thalassemia have an abnormal formation of hemoglobin in their blood, which leads to anemia. There are two types: thalassemia minor and beta thalassemia. Thalassemia is more common in specific regions of the world, including southeast China and India. Some children’s thalassemia is well controlled with medication. Other children need blood transfusions every, Read More

Adoptive mom Jen Skipper shares about adopting her son who has developmental delays — the unknowns, the hardships and the hope she now has for his future. It was time to go and meet our fifth child, our second adoption from China. Our path to him had been clear — we knew he was, Read More

“Developmental delays” is a broad term that can describe anything from late speech to learning disabilities to hitting milestones like crawling or walking later than average. Developmental delays are usually caused by a lack of one-on-one attention between a child and an adult in the earliest phases of life, and they are common in, Read More

Are you or someone you know the right family for Kit? Holt International recently announced a $3,000 Special Blessings Grant to help with Kit’s adoption! Two years ago, my daughter Joy and I joined a Holt Ambassador trip to China. Our group of mostly adults met over 40 children with special needs who were waiting for a, Read More

Most children with Down syndrome grow up to live long, happy lives — and many will hold jobs, live alone, marry and enjoy all the same things in life as any other person. Children with Down syndrome tend to thrive in loving homes that help them access inclusive education, ongoing medical care, early intervention, Read More

Coco is a sweet 3-year-old who was born with Down syndrome. When she was just six months old, she came into care at an orphanage in China. Her time in care has helped her grow strong and healthy, and she has a very good appetite! She is a very active child and loves being, Read More

Kids with cleft lip and palate generally lead healthy lives, and clefts vary in severity. Some children will need less intervention than others. Many children will require several surgeries, and adoptive families should have access to good medical and orthodontia care. Cleft lip and palate repairs are not just cosmetic, and children may need, Read More

Adoptive mom and physician assistant Kristen Gehring shares about her daughter Cora, what she’s learned about cleft lip and palate since Cora came home from China, and all the ways in which this “wonder of a child” completes her now family of five.  Our family of four was at the Oregon coast on vacation with, Read More