As kids, our moms would often fret over whether we had eaten enough. Moms took us to the doctor when we were sick. They checked our homework, worried about our education, and also taught us many lessons themselves. Lessons like kindness and how to care for others. This Mother’s Day, salute the person who, Read More

For more than a decade, Dr. Joseph Ha was an important part of Holt — a friend and ambassador, a supporter and advocate. When he died in 2010, after only a year of service on Holt’s board, he left behind a remarkable gift — one that continues his mission to bring education and opportunity, Read More

What would it mean in the life of your child if you not only gave him the toys on his Christmas list, but also toys in his name for vulnerable children in China?  What if, for your sister, you helped provide clothing, cribs and bedding for children in Korea?  Or a goat for a, Read More

This December, Holt’s director of program and foundation relations, Rose McBride, traveled on Holt’s Korea Gift Team trip along with 19 other Holt families, adoptees and staff members. During the week, the gift team brought gifts and joy to the children in Holt’s care in Korea. Here, she writes about their visit to an, Read More

Holt is blessed to have thousands of devoted child sponsors, including more than 1,300 families who have consistently sponsored children for more than 20 years. What inspires their commitment to caring for children they’ve never met, even through times of hardship? by Billie Loewen, Staff Writer Nearly 30 years ago, Linda and Chris Bell, Read More

On Monday morning, the community of Eugene, Oregon rallied to fill two shipping containers full of donated medical equipment, and get those containers traveling toward Shinshicho, Ethiopia, where Holt is helping to build a maternal-child hospital. Check out some of the stories from local media by clicking here or here.

So you’ve been thinking about joining us on our vision trip to India this November 12-23, but haven’t made an official decision. Well, we have some good news for you … there have been some last-minute cancellations, which means there’s room for you on the trip! Whether you’re a Holt child sponsor, an adoptive, Read More

Vocational training in Uganda provides more than job security to rural women Sometimes, hope comes in a box. A cardboard box, taped shut, in the middle of a room with dirt floors, a tin roof and no walls. And not just one box, but 25, each heavy with 20 pounds of industrial-grade hope. Under, Read More

In Vietnam, the financial stability of a cow can be enough to keep a family together Motherhood creates a universal connection. Regardless of skin color or culture, economic status or professional achievement, all mothers share a profound desire to protect and provide for their young. It overpowers everything — compelling them to put to, Read More

Proceeds from upcoming sprint triathlon in Oregon will help support Holt’s family preservation program in Ethiopia What do you do when an opportunity to support a great charity is paired with an opportunity to do something great for your body? You run with it. Or, in this case, you run, swim and bike! At, Read More