Holt International is dedicated to preventing child abandonment, supporting families on the verge of separation, caring for children who don’t have a family, and finding and supporting adoptive families. Our mission is only possible through the dedicated support of people like you — people who share our passion for children and our vision of a, Read More

Around the world, children are growing up in unbelievable circumstances. They don’t have enough food. Or clean water. They sleep in dangerous and dirty environments. Their families are too ill to care for them. Or they get sick themselves because their parents can’t afford routine medical care. Many children have no one to care, Read More

Since our founding in 1956, Holt International has placed more than 40,000 children with families through international adoption. Today, we continue to unite children with adoptive families overseas, carefully considering each child’s unique situation and needs.   In recent years, the vast majority of children placed for international adoption have been older children and children, Read More