Born with severe sight and hearing impairments, it’s like Giang was trapped, unable to communicate with the world around her. But then, everything changed. Giang sat on the back of her family’s motorbike, riding home after a full day. Her mother thought everything was going well, until out of the corner of her eye, Read More

A year and half ago, when we first met Jin at an orphanage in northern China, no one had much hope for him. But that’s not what we saw…  Learn more about Holt’s child nutrition program! 

Deacon urgently needs a family! Deacon is about to age out of the adoption system and his chance at a loving and permanent family will soon disappear. His time is running out. To help find the right family for Deacon, a $10,000 Special Brittany’s Hope grant is available to help overcome any financial obstacles, Read More

Dustin is a friendly and energetic boy who has been in care since he was three weeks old. He is currently in the 1st grade and is reportedly learning well. He can write letters and numbers and enjoys counting. He is said to have mild cognitive delays and a lisp, but is otherwise healthy!, Read More

When Holt staff member Billie Loewen delivers a Gift of Hope to a young girl in Vietnam, she also gets a glimpse of how one small act of kindness can forever change the course of someone’s life. I know how powerful a Gift of Hope can be because I’ve been blessed to visit families, Read More

At the beginning of November, to kick off National Adoption Month, we shared a collage of all the children on our waiting child photolisting — just a small glimpse of the hundreds of children who we are seeking families for at any given time. We hoped it would kindle a passion in our supporters, Read More

Alex and Luke are two friends who are rapidly approaching their age-out date, and will soon loose their chance to have a family. Help us find a family for each boy that can provide the love and stability that they need!   In three short months, Alex will become ineligible for international adoption, so, Read More

Social workers. They come into your home with a white glove and a watchful eye. They check under your bed for dust mites. They go through your medicine cabinet. They call your neighbors to inquire how long you wait to mow your lawn. They take note of every imperfection, just looking for a reason, Read More

Date of Birth 8/10/2003 | Vietnam Luke* is a gentle and compassionate young man who likes to help his caregivers with their tasks. He loves playing sports, especially soccer and swimming. He also wants to learn how to play basketball. Luke came into Holt’s care in 2015 when his father passed away. Luke didn’t, Read More

How one woman in Vietnam used a small donor-funded investment to grow her business, build her confidence and create a safe and stable home for her grandson. Lai wraps her tiny frame and arms around her shy, chubby grandson, Binh. She bounces him playfully, jutting her hip out to help support his weight. Her, Read More