Sophia lives in a small rural village in Uganda. Because of her sponsor, Sophia has everything she needs to go to school and thrive in the care of her grandmother. Watch as Sophia shares about a typical day in her life, and the message she has for her Holt sponsor in the U.S.! To, Read More

On the cover of this year’s Gifts of Hope catalog, 10-year-old Gloria holds a goat her single mother received to help her build the strength and self-reliance she needs to independently support her four daughters. Gloria and her family live in rural Uganda, where graduation rates for boys still exceed that of girls, where girls, Read More

Ten years ago, long-time Holt partner Jolly Nyeko donated her land to build a school for the children of Masulita, Uganda. Most of the children had never before seen the inside of a classroom. Today, nearly 300 children attend Jolly Children’s Academy with the support of Holt sponsors. Jolly Nyeko has started many things, Read More

Last summer, for International Day of the Child, 200 children in Uganda celebrated with songs, dance, cake and gifts! But maybe the most meaningful part of the day was the children’s reflection on their lives and their heartfelt thanks for the transformational support they receive from their sponsors. A large group of children from, Read More

It’s only October. So why are we blogging about Christmas? Because in order to create an incredible Christmas for every orphaned and vulnerable child we serve, we need you now. This year, let’s create something truly magical for children. Miraculous, even. So many of the children in Holt’s programs have experienced so much pain, Read More

Can you put a price tag on Hope? Can you calculate the worth of something so abstract? The worth of something is, after all, relative — it changes from place to place, person to person, currency to currency. Hope is relative too, and looks different for everyone. By definition, hope is a feeling of expectation, Read More

On November 20, the world will celebrate an important landmark anniversary for human rights and children. The day marks the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the 1989 United Nations treaty that — for the first time in history — defined the civil, economic, political, social and cultural rights, Read More

Every month, you faithfully send your $34 to your sponsored child … Sort of. Technically, you send your gift to Holt International, trusting that we will properly steward your money and direct it to your sponsored child. We don’t, in fact, actually give your sponsored child and his or her family $34 in cash, Read More

The question our sponsorship staff encounters most frequently is, “Can I write my sponsored child?” followed swiftly by, “What can I send my sponsored child?” We think both these questions are fantastic! They show that you take your sponsorship seriously — often sending positive thoughts or prayers to your sponsored child, and wondering how, Read More

Every day, more than 7,000 children we serve around the world receive life-saving nutritious food, medical care and access to education. Their families are growing stronger and more stable with the help of vocational training, free daycare programs, medical care and counseling — even forming community groups for support and networking, and their children, Read More