After 19 years, Holt says goodbye to the executive director of Vathsalya Charitable Trust, Holt’s long-time partner in Bangalore, India. “If you educate a girl, you educate a generation.” The world is a better place because of Mary Paul. And it will continue to become better because of her for years into the future., Read More

At the beginning of November, to kick off National Adoption Month, we shared a collage of all the children on our waiting child photolisting — just a small glimpse of the hundreds of children who we are seeking families for at any given time. We hoped it would kindle a passion in our supporters, Read More

Many families fell in love with their child after learning about them on Holt’s waiting child photolisting.  They see their picture, read their story, and know that child would be a perfect fit for them.  But what if a child got the opportunity to choose their family? What would they ask for, and what, Read More

We are now seeking families for children in India! We are accepting applications for: Children 4 and older, especially boys, with many children older than 8 with and without special needs waiting for families Children with moderate to major special needs We are seeking Non-Resident Indian (NRI) families open to adopting children of all, Read More

Social workers. They come into your home with a white glove and a watchful eye. They check under your bed for dust mites. They go through your medicine cabinet. They call your neighbors to inquire how long you wait to mow your lawn. They take note of every imperfection, just looking for a reason, Read More

This back-to-school season, your sponsored child has all he or she needs for a successful year of learning — and that’s because you are their sponsor! Or if your sponsored child is not yet in school, you are empowering them with the love, support and enrichment they need to one day succeed in school. , Read More

Since she came home to the United States from India in 2003, Holt adoptee Malini Baker has learned that it’s important to keep a foot firmly planted in both her American and Indian cultures. When you’re young, you are told to always stay on the right side of the road when driving, walking or, Read More

As a 15-year-old girl living in a slum community in India, Aasha felt unsure about herself and her future. But now, with educational support from sponsorship, her life is being transformed from the inside out.  Every day, 15-year-old Aasha* dreaded one part of her school day. As many girls her age in India had, Read More

In India, a girl child begins her life with uncertainty about her very existence on this earth. Illegal practices like sex determination, foeticide and infanticide are not uncommon in Indian society. Even today, a woman in the lower urban middle class or in rural India is the last member of a household to eat, Read More

A pediatrician who cares for children at a Holt partner agency in India receives a doctor of the year award.  Last month, at an award ceremony in Dehli, India, Dr. Jayant Navarange, a highly regarded pediatrician, was honored as “Doctor of the Year” by the Indian Medical Association for his medical expertise and distinguished service, Read More