We are now seeking families for children in India! We are accepting applications for: Children 4 and older, especially boys, with many children older than 8 with and without special needs waiting for families Children with moderate to major special needs We are seeking Non-Resident Indian (NRI) families open to adopting children of all, Read More

Your adoption journey has come so far. Can you believe that soon you will travel to China to unite with your child? We are so excited for you, your beautiful kiddo and the incredible adventure you are about to embark on to welcome your child home. To ensure that your trip to China is, Read More

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT ADOPTING FROM THAILAND? It isn’t Holt’s biggest or most well known country program, but it is unique and might just be the perfect fit for your family! And right now, we are in urgent need of loving adoptive families for children waiting in Thailand. Recently, the wait time for families, Read More

Have you considered adopting from the Philippines? This program is small, stable and predictable — and in urgent need of families for children. This program is a great fit for: Younger couples, married for at least three years, ages 27-45, with less than three children. Families strong in their Christian or Catholic faith. A, Read More

So, you’re thinking about adoption! While you’ve already made a first big step in reaching out to Holt, you may be discovering that there are a lot more decisions to make along your adoption journey. A couple of the next ones coming your way are deciding on the country program and profile of child, Read More

It can take time to decide with certainty to adopt a child. But once you do make that life-changing decision, it can feel discouraging to wait even longer to bring your child home. We understand. And we also have great news! Right now, the need for families to adopt children with correctable conditions from, Read More

  In December 2015, Holt’s long-time partner in the Philippines, KBF, celebrated 40 years of service to orphaned and vulnerable children! Holt actually helped to establish KBF – the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, or Working Together Foundation, in Manila — in 1975.  With Holt providing funding and technical assistance, a local team of professionals developed, Read More

Help Holt Find Families for Older Children in Beijing! How You Can Help — Join us in Beijing! Families often ask how they can help Holt advocate for vulnerable children, and we are thrilled to offer this unique approach. During the first week of November, Marissa Leuallen, Holt’s social work manager for China, will, Read More

  Phil Littleton, Holt’s president and CEO, recently returned from a trip to Vietnam. While on the trip, Phil visited a daycare center and orphanage we help support in Dong Nai and met with Holt-Vietnam staff and the deputy director of adoption to discuss our work in the country. Holt first served families and, Read More

We are now recruiting families for Holt’s first ever ambassador trip to China! The Children’s Home in Nanning provides care for children who were born with HIV, whose parents have passed away, and who face discrimination in their cities, towns and villages because of their status. Extended family are afraid to care for them,, Read More