Tomas Needs a Family!

Tomas Needs a Family!
DOB: 5/4/2005

Tomas is a patient, sweet 12-year-old boy who has already waited way too long for a permanent, loving family. Abandoned shortly after he was born, Tomas has spent his first five years at a care center before joining a group home in 2010.

Tomas has a $3,000 Special Blessings Grant to help with the cost of his adoption.

Tomas likes music and sports, especially soccer. In his video, you can hear him playing the drums — another of his favorite hobbies.

Tomas doesn’t have any known health conditions and he has been generally healthy his whole life. He has a calm, patient temperament and he gets along well with his caregivers.

Tomas’ teachers say he does well in class and is overall a very pleasant and well-liked student. He is a good student at his middle school.

Tomas’ birthday is May 4, 2005, and we are hoping he will have a family before he turns 14. The right family for Tomas will be a single woman or married couple (both parents between the ages of 30-63) with experience parenting older children. His future parents will need to have strong working knowledge about the impacts of institutionalization, as well as the patience, sense of humor and willingness to learn new parenting skills that are necessary for older adopted children to thrive. Tomas may do well with younger or older brothers or sisters, but the youngest child in the home must be older than 3 per eligibility requirements in China.

If you are interested in learning more about Tomas, please contact Jessica Zeeb at You can also learn more about parent eligibility here.

2 Replies to “Tomas Needs a Family!”

  1. Why is it that the right family for Tomas is a single woman or a married couple. I am a divorced dad that has taking care of all 3 of my adopted children. They are now 20, 19, and 17 and doing awesome! So please tell me why a single dad wouldn’t be a great parent for Tomas? I have a lot of experience raising a children while managing a career. I also took care of 2 step children from my prior and only marriage.

  2. Hi Paul! At Holt, we have zero doubts that you are a phenomenal father and that single dads are more than capable of raising children solo. You might be exactly the right fit for an older boy! However, we are bound by the family eligibility guidelines set by the Chinese government, and at this time, they are not open to placing children with single dads. But there are plenty of programs, like India and domestic foster care adoption, that welcome single fathers! If you are considering starting the adoption process, we would love to help you explore all your options.

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